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Journeyman III

Black Screen and Freezing game

Ladies or Gents,

          I recently purchased a used Gigabyte R9 380 Windforce.  Card was put in a box I was building, Asus ROG Strix B360-I gaming, with an i7-9700 processor, 32 gb of Corsair GGB ram with Windows 10 Pro.  Everything has been upgraded to current drivers, bios, gpu drivers, gpu bios,etc. Computer works fine for browsing, looking at online videos, etc, playing FOE, that kind of thing.

          Problem here is the one game I play is Eve Online.  here are the problems:

          1. When I start the login everything works great, login comes up, starting moving plays fine, etc.  Login works well,                              character selection is good.  

           2. After character selection it loads the character well, every in the station start well.

           3. Within about 2 seconds, there are multicolored spots or thin stripes throughout the game

           4. within 4 to 5 seconds I can select things, move things around then the screen freezes.  Within 5 to 10 seconds of that I               get a black screen and the computer resets to the desktop and usually the AMD Bug report.  I can report this, and have,               without response.  The game then has to be closed from the task manager.  If I go into it to close it, it stays froze and                   usually boots me back out to bug report again within about 10 seconds. 

Anyone have any ideas or will I have to switch back to NVidia?



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