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Black Screen & How I Fixed Mine (6600 ASRock)

Black Screen Plague

Here is what worked for me to fix this B.S.:

Issue: B.S. (short for Black Screen) whether idle or when I start a game. Can't do anything to get out of this B.S. I could also hear  Windows start up after this B.S. meaning computer might have restarted and is no displaying anything.

After trying numerous things here are the steps that got me to fix my B.S.:

  1. Uninstalled the Adrenaline Software (that stopped all B.S. and bought time to work without the B.S. interruptions).
  2. Installed a DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) a reputable one by Guru3d is available at no cost. Proceed to uninstall your brand's driver (and/or any other previous brand drivers you've installed on your PC such as Intel/NVIDIA). Choose clean & restart.
  3. Installed the GPU manufacturer OC software (ASRock OC Tweaker in my case) and have it running in the background (this is + next step both helped me get my GPU running normal).
  4. Installed LIMITED Version of Adrenaline. When I install the Full Version, B.S. happens no matter what.

With steps 3 & 4 both resolved my issue:

  • If I don't have the OC software running (step 3), I will experience B.S. even with step 4 done.
  • If I don't have the Limited Adrenaline Software (step 4), I will experience B.S. even with step 3 done.
Here's what helped others fix their B.S.:

Did not work for me but worth trying anyways:

  • Turning off Free Sync & Super Virtual Resolution on AMD Adrenaline.
  • Numerous people said disabling all hardware acceleration in apps (Steam, Discord, Browser(s), etc...) Some said disabling hardware acceleration on Chrome was sufficient to fix the issue.
  • A bunch said changing HDMI cable is what fixed it for them.
If any of these solutions work for you OR you have other solutions that worked for you please let us know here and in other posts.
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