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Journeyman III

Black screen after bios logo RX 6600XT (drivers fail)

Hello, I am from Argentina so I am using a translator.

I have a problem with my 6600XT, and I have seen thousands of threads with this problem and I wanted to know if anyone had a solution

Every day, for it to start, I have to restart my PC 2 to 10 times from the power button on the case, and once it starts correctly everything works wonderfully, temperatures, performance, etc.

It should be noted that it is only fixed by using the power on/off button, and not the reset.

Another thing, I get the black screen after the bios logo, therefore what fails when loading is the controller, since in safe mode or if I don't have adrenalin installed it always starts on the first try.

I tried everything, old versions, new ones, reinstallation of windows, ulps on/off, update bios, intel chipset, monitor driver, pci gen 3, gen 4, auto, aspm on/off, tested my board on another pc and it works Well, I tried another ram, another SSD, another power (XPG 850 GOLD) I even tried a 2060s on my PC and it works perfectly.

I feel like there is some solution to stop turning it on/off 10 times every day for it to start.


Motherboard: MSI H610M-B

CPU: i5 12400f

GPU: Powercolor 6600XT 8GB PCI 4.0 X8

RAM: 2X8 2666MHZ corsair vengeance


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