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Adept I

black dots in textures


my nephew has a new pc with a rx 6800 (fresh win 10 install) and he is getting black dots in the textures of all games he played so far. Resolution 1080p

Screenshot of the issue from Cyberpunk 2077 

google results where kind of a mess

does anyone have any suggestions as to the probable source(s) of the problem?

is it just the driver? i mean it's a fresh system

i sure hope it's not a hardware problem with the availability atm

(i have a rx 5700xt same driver version and no such issues)

no infos on temps atm


Ryzen 5 5600x

Artic Liquid Freezer II 240

MSI b550-A Pro

2x Crucial Ballistix 3200 16GB

Power Color RX 6800 Red Dragon

Corsair RM750x

Lian Li O11 Dynamics

1TB Sabrent Rocket

+ cheap rgb 12cm case fans cause budget (2 Bottom 2 top)

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Adept I

Is the graphic defect in the form of pixels or black dots visible in the attached photo the same problem ?? I am looking on the internet but I can't find a solution to fix it anywhere. software 21.2.1. I am also asking for help with hints what setting or what causes such an effect in many games not only here

Ryzen 5 3600XT, RX570 4gb, 16gb ram, B550, win10 64, SSD


Resident Evil 7 image 

the resolution in your screenshot is a little low (640x480) so it's hard to see any issues. can you link to a full res version?


image link 1 

maybe now will help you can click on it to zoom +

image 2 


here is one more image from NFS Heat, it looks like was (noise on screen or sand or graininess ) in this game especially visible in this menu or movies, don't know what is it really.



looks similar but more severe and there are some issues with the bright dots too.

how old is your system or did you have a lot of driver updates? might try wiping the drivers with display driver uninstaller and install new. Here  and/or here  some tutorials on how to. hopefully that helps and let me know if it worked.

will try that too first when my nephew brings over his pc.



Hey hello, I just registered to AMD Forum because I have the same issue.

Seriously nobody found the fix yet?

Please I really want a solution


Hi, for what i can see in the imagens, that happens to me if I use 100% RIS. Radeon Image SHARPENING in some games.

Can you check adrenalin and disable RIS?

Worth a try. 

The Englishman