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Adept II

Best GPU For Ryzen 5 3600, 1080p?


I am interested in upgrading to the best value of price to performance GPU for my Ryzen 5 3600 for 1080p.

I am considering between the RX 6800XT or the RTX 3060TI/GTX 3070 or even the GTX 3080.

All the cards are the very best of what we have in terms of GPUs. I am really not aiming exactly for them and I guess I would be fine with a GPU from the previous gen, but I doubt I would find one at a price lower than the MSRP of the newest GPUs, so I guess one of the above could be the best for the price/performance at 1080p.

My other specs:


Seasonic S12II-520 520W Bronze 

2x8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz

Current GPU: GTX 1650 KalmX

I am aware that I might need to get a new PSU, so best suggestions on that are welcomed too.

I am willing to listen to any GPU combos, regarding my current specs with Ryzen 5 3600 for 1080p. Even if it's a previous gen GPU, as long as its price is justified.

Thank you in advance.

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Journeyman III

Yes your can choose any of these 3 Graphic cards for 1080P.If you can afford then RTX 3060TI will be good choice as it has PCIe 4.0 so if you will go to upgrade your Motherboard in future to x570 or b550 then you can take advantage of it also.More if you want to know about the other best option of GPU for ryzen 5 3600 then you can read here in detail.



My old 5700xt was awesome for 1080p could look for a used one for a reasonable price. Or I would wait to see if the 6700xt comes out soon. The caveat to that is AMD cards are nonexistent so when it does launch it will be like winning the lottery to get one. But who knows maybe by then th he stock levels will magically increase!


I might try and see if I can get a used 5700xt for a good price.

At the moment even used cards are more expensive than some of the new ones. It's funny how the very new gen cards (even overpriced) are cheaper than previous gen used cards.

Guess I will play the waiting game. Not in a hurry though.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

Happy Holidays!






Yes, it seems like the RTX 3060 Ti would be the best choice, in terms of price to performance. Especially when the AMD cards won't be as accessible and are a bit more expensive.

Thanks for the link. Cards look great but are at a similar or even higher price than the 3060 Ti, so I guess I will wait for prices to normalize and get a TX 3060.

Although it would be nice to see how the smart access memory of AMD GPUs work, in case I decide to upgrade the CPU as well. However CPU upgrade won't happen within the next 2 years, so the smart access memory feature would be something I will see with next gen cards.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.