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Journeyman III

Bad performance rx 6700 xt

I bought a rx 6700 xt installed the drivers and I'm getting very bad performance (around 80 fps on warzone should be around 200). I first had a rx 580 8gb which showed the same performance. It feels like my upgrade doesn't do anything at all. Does anyone know what this is and maybe know how to fix this?

PC specs

ryzen 7 2700

16 gb 3200 ram

motherboard aurus b450 elite

650W psu

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Adept III

my rx 5700 xt sapphire also low performance 2 years...(

Community Manager

This game is quite reliant on CPU performance more so than GPU, so that's why you may not see as big of a performance uplift as you were expecting. 

You may want to try turning up the image quality settings in the Warzone video menu, as this should move the limitation of performance from your CPU to the GPU somewhat. 

Journeyman III

Some recent info from a programmer on twitter is saying with his testing, changing things to use wave 32 and optimizing he was seeing on average 22% fps improvement for 6XXX series ray tracing. I think its gonna be like the consoles. Things right now will work with AMD's Ray Tracing but its gonna take a bit for games to optimize for it correctly. Then we will see the true potential of these cards