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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Bad hair graphics

Hello everyone...

I made an amd configuration about 20 days ago....I have a 1440 p monitor and an rx 6700xt....after a certain time I noticed that in many games I have a problem with the appearance of hair on people, fur on animals and similar, as well as with " dry grass" so to say, in certain games, they seem to sparkle when they move, and they have a lot of pixels... the rest of the textures are very good, as well as the performance... the last problems I have with it is in the game God of it a problem with some settings, drivers or something else,some people say its problem with TAA in moder games?I noticed thats not appear in games 4 or 5 years old.... I am satisfied with the other segments... I hope for your help..:)


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