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Journeyman III

BAD FPS Drops fortnite


Im experiencing Bad FPS Drops in Fortnite since 2 and a Half Months. it mostly happens when im Landing into Cities (lower than 100 FPS when Landing and sometimes in a Midgame it drops to like 90 and right back on and it distracts me so much that i cant focus anymore). i play lowest possible settings and performance mode. even stretched resolution. downloaded exitlag

Fortnite is the only Game where it Happens. Rust, Cold War, Warzone every other Game i play everything works fluent. (even on high settings)

i did everything possible. updated everything that needed a update but nothing works. reseted my pc. clean installed.

Checked my Hardware if theyre damaged.

i did multiple benchmark tests, my pc doesnt even reach 50°Celsius on every component when playing Fortnite. I also worked with tools to check the values, but everything is as always-

a PC Tweaker already checked my PC but he said thats normal and i have to live with that.

I still think it isnt Fortnite's Fault because my twin brother and i have the SAME PC Build and he doesnt have this Problems.


CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+

RAM: G.SKill Aegis 16GB Ram DDR4-3000

MBD: B450 Tomahawk MAX

SSD: MX500

Monitor: AOC C24G1

Help appreciated

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