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Journeyman III

Audio Cuts\Stutter

Hi, I have tried everything already, from disabling AMD audio in Devices to formatting my whole computer, changing HZ, but ever since I changed to an RX580 my audio cuts at RANDOM, there is no performance impact, no other issue, and it's in SOME games (happens in Automata, does not happen in FFXV).

It happens both from my Monitor audio (Which is directly connected to the gpu HDMI) and not from there (Headphones connected to the motherboard I believe), this never happened with my old card (1050TI).

In my mind it can only be three things, my CPU bottlenecking it (Which I plan to update in the future), my shitty motherboard (Which came with the CPU, welded in, so when I change one I will be changing everything really) or wonky Driver, which I tried both with and without ReLive like their support email said so.

AMD Help :(:(:( - YouTube  Video of the issue, happens at 1:01, DxDiag is attached, I'm not techy savy enough to know what it means.

I have no idea what the problem is, and that's my main issue, cause if it is like, say the CPU, it's not an issue, it's gonna be changed, but the fact that I don't know what it is, and that it's random game per game, from new to super old, makes it really hard to know thus makes me believe that the card might be faulty, however, I can't know that since it IS working right? see the issue? This is super depressing.

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