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Journeyman III

Asus Laptop with Amd CPU + Nvidia GPU freezing (and my personal solution)

Hello everyone.

I just want to share with you my personal solution to a problem that almost made me crazy during the last 3 months.

Asus laptop G713PV with AMD Ryzen 9 CPU + Nvidia RTX4060 dedicated GPU.

Using the Nvidia optimus feature (standard and optimized options)  generates random freezes, maybe after a minute, maybe after hours.

The laptop becomes unusable and I have to forcefully shut it down by keeping the power button pressed. 

Well, I think a found a solution that at least works on my machine.

I have to install the AMD Adrenalin drivers for the integrated GPU selecting either the "full install" or the "minimal install" option. Doing this makes the freezing disappear.

If I select the "driver only" option, the freezing comes back.

So, If you have the same issue, please try downloading the lastest Adrenalin drivers and install them avoiding the "driver only" option.

Let me know.



P.S: I don't care about advanced Adrenalin functions since I use Nvidia dedicated GPU for gaming, that's why I used to install the drivers alone. I noticed that minimal and full setups actually add a couple of running services to Windows (checked it with task manager ctrl+alt-del). The "driver only" installation doesn't add them and this must generate some kind of communication issue between Amd and Nvidia GPUs.

AMD should take care of this, or at least put a warning message in the driver installation tool. 

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