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Journeyman III

ASUS 7900 XTX - Intermittent Screen Flickering and Artifacts

I'm encountering a persistent issue with my ASUS 7900 XTX graphics card. The main problem arises during various activities, notably gaming and video playback. The display intermittently flickers, accompanied by the appearance of artifacts on the screen.  Regardless of the specific application or content, the screen exhibits irregular flickering, disrupting the overall visual experience. These flickering episodes are sporadic but frequent enough to cause concern. I've also observed artifacts appearing during these instances, further impacting the display quality.

I've taken several steps to address the problem, including updating drivers and ensuring the graphics card receives sufficient power. However, the issue persists, and I'm seeking advice from the community. If anyone has encountered similar problems with the ASUS 7900 XTX or has insights into potential solutions, your assistance would be invaluable.

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Adept I

I had this in some games with my 7800xt, freesync was the issue in my case… I just disabled it


First thing to try is a different or better quality cable. Then try a different port on gpu. This could help with the flickering.

Bad freesync range (as in too wide) could be part of the issue too. Try loading a windows driver for your monitor. It has helped me with one monitor in past, but pretty low chance of helping issues.

The "artifacts on screen" is a bit worrisome though. I associate artifacts with bad memory or gpu generally, but there can be other causes.

Disable MPO

Some apps can cause issue, you might try a clean boot to see if there is an application interfering.

Disable those fancy AMD graphics options if you have any enabled and keep it simple, then gradually add them back to find the bad settings if it fixed the issue.