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Journeyman III

ASrock Vega 56 will not wake up from sleep


I have an Asrock Vega 56 and an Asrock x470 Master (Windows 10) connected to a Dell U2414H via DisplayPort and when the PC goes to sleep and attempts to wake up the display on the monitor is black.  The PC is awake because you can hear the beeps and response to mouse/keyboard events.  The only way for me to wake up the PC is to pull the DP cable from the Vega and switch ports on the video card. I have upgraded the bios on the x470 to the latest and it had no benefit.  Switching the ports on the monitor has no effect (only switching ports on the Vega).

Any thoughts on what to do? 

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Could be driver related, or some conflict with Windows power saving and AMD Radeon software. If you haven't already tried a clean installation of the latest chipset and graphics drivers from AMD website I would suggest doing so now. You could also try a different DP cord and omit any video cable adapters or gender changers if you have any. If you are putting the computer to sleep manually or letting it time out, there may be something configured incorrectly.

Here are the two drivers for your Dell Monitor. One is from August 2019: Support for Dell U2414H | Drivers & Downloads | Dell US 

What I found unusual, is that DELL Support has a "Compatibility List" in which this Monitor is support: Dell UltraSharp 24 Monitor - U2414H | Dell USA 

To eliminate the Monitor as not being completely compatible, can you connect a different Monitor and see if the same thing occurs? IF it doesn't, then the problem is with your Dell Monitor and you should open a Dell Support Ticket.

Journeyman III

Its not the monitor as pulling the monitor and plugging it in, resetting it, etc won't get response from the PC.  Its only the video card/PC that is causing this effect.  I have just swapped out the video cable to see if that helps and if not then I will do a full clean video/chipset install.