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Journeyman III

ark r9 270x crash


my english is not so good. I have a r9 270x with 2 Gb. My friend too. When we're both in Ark and playing Ragnarok, we both fly out in the same places at the same time! Is there perhaps help for this problem? So desert and water do not work at all. There we fly out immediately. Can not be that we have problems with this graphics card in this game. Is there still a graphic update that fixes ?? or do we have to buy a new graphics card because of ARK? thanks for your help.

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Check on STEAM or the ARK website for "system requirements", game updates and server issues.

Chances are that it is because of "server issues" and not your system


I already tried everything. I also fly in the singelplayer no matter which server I use. I reinstalled the game. All graphic settings tried so go. I have been playing this game for a long time and own the graphics card over two years. It was always up to the last 2 weeks just try out so you do not fly out. We have no possibility anymore. Anyone who has no AMD graphics does not fly out there. So why is it if two have only the same Gafikkarte and fly at the same time? all system requirements are correct.


Friend of mine has an I5 whit 16 gb ddr4 and I have an AMD 8320 Cpu with DDR3 20 GB we both have different computers just the same graphics card. We both always fly out in the game in the desert or over the water or in the water! Graphics requirement is a 1Gb to play the game. As you know, R9 270x has 2GB. Why are we flying out? and that too Singelplayer Multiplayer? .. We also have the latest AMD drivers installed. It was always ok. You could play on normal setting games .. and we never got kicked out. With the card for 2 years. Do I have to buy an extra AMD to play this game? I do not think so, right? ... and I guarantee that another graphics card solves the problem. So what did AMD do that it does not work? I ask that you kontrol this pls and brings a new drive out. Thank you!