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Journeyman III

Apex Legends Crash to Desktop

Hello :-)

Apex Legends is crashing very often for me and alot of other users (check apex forums).

The Crash is random and is always midgame, the game freezes for 1-2sec and then you crash on the desktop without any error message.

I Checked the Event Manager and it says bad_module_info.

What i tried:

- 19.1.1 and 19.2.1 but sadly no difference.

- without cpu/gpu OC and checked my Ram for errors.

- disabling fullscreen optimizations and gamemode off.

- closing programs like Steam/Rainmeter in the background.

- different graphic settings

Nothing what i try seems to work.

My System:

6600k @ 4.2ghz

16gb ddr4

Asrock z170 pro4

Vega 56 Pulse

Windows 10 64bit

1 Solution
Community Manager

We have a discussion on this issue, please use that to provide your feedback. 

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Journeyman III

same here >> literally tried every solution on the internet nothing worked!!

Journeyman III

Well, there are number of fixes you need to try to fix Apex Legends  crashing issue like reinstalling the Graphics Drivers, despite this there are other fixes as well you can try to fix the error.

Source: [Fixed] Apex Legends Errors Crashing & Server Disconnected Issues, Low FPS & More 

Journeyman III

Its a problem from Apex Legends. There is an issue with the fx 6000 series: 

They should fix it in one of the next updates, but until then it will help u.

Adept I

Same here with laptop RX560 and latest 19.2.2 drivers (Intel CPU). AMD please fix it!

Journeyman III

I have the exact same problem as well and also tried all of the solutions and driver versions mentioned here and more. I was hoping that with today's patch I would be saved but its not the case it seems. If anyone somehow fixes it let me know.

Community Manager

We have a discussion on this issue, please use that to provide your feedback.