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Journeyman III

Anyone using MPC-HC?lag when "next" or "previous" video.

Hello,I always use newest driver for my computer,but,about a year ago,when I update video card driver to newest,something bad happened:

I use MPC-HC to play all my video files,if you push "PageDown" or "PageUp" on your keyboard when playing,it means "next video" or "previous video",the bad thing is,your computer will be dead for 0.1-0.3 seconds when you push the button,I remember that start from 2016.10-2016.12,can't be sure.

So I stop update and roll my video card driver back.

Today I reinstall my windows10,so I tried newest driver,I'm surpise this "bug" is still there,not been fixed.

Please help.

My video card is MSI R7850 hawk by the way.

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Adept I

It has been plaguing my computer for ages now , almost to the point of giving on MPC-HC - though to be honest , VLC does the same .

It started happening more than 3 years ago on a completely different hardware and has persisted troughout 4 motherboard changes , 3 sets of RAM , 5 HDD/SSDs

3 PSU units , 4 video cards , 3 CPUs , 3 cases and 4 power outlets and a more than I am comfortable with OS re-installs .

So yeah , what gives .


I got the answer,you have to change renderer from "EVR" to something else,I prefer "VMR-9",everything goes fine.

Hope amd fix this because EVR is the best renderer in MPC-HC.