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Adept II

Anyone solved their high VRAM issue?

So im still on 20.11.1 which is the best driver for me and my 5700. All Drivers after that spike my VRAM to max. Ive played around with custom resolutions, but I still haven't got anything past 20.11.1 to be stable or allow my monitor to be above 50hz without my VRAM spiking to 1750 all the time. I dont understand why my exact custom resolution setting from 20.11.1 dont solve the issue on all newer drivers.  The "this is expected" statement seems like something my 9 year old would say to a problem that he didn't know how to fix. If only some people where having issues with screen flickering on high refresh monitors why would AMD break VRAM clock speeds for everyone? It seems to me that this has something to do with the drivers not properly calculating blanking correctly. Ive also found some people have had luck reducing color depth in this article but haven't tried it.

Asus B450-I 2700x GSkill Trident Z 16GB 3200 CL16 XFX 5700 DD Ultra
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Adept I

No solution but this is what i noticed:

I got this from Vega to 6000 series till now if I use more then one screen and different refresh rates on them. Nothing to do about it. On 6000 series the RAM clock is maxed out all the time in idle. But I stopped to worry at some point. System RAM keeps it clocks too. Idle power usage is a few watts higher, yes. Not ideal - but relativly negligible. 

But maybe someone else has a solution, I stopped tracking it a while ago ...


Have you tried creating a custom screen resolution? This solves the high vram issue but lowers your monitor hi by anywhere from 5-10hz. I made a post about monitors that have this issue. From what I’ve gathered from other posts here is that some high J’s monitors had flickering issues and amd changed things to make high vram a thing to fix it while breaking things for others. 

Asus B450-I 2700x GSkill Trident Z 16GB 3200 CL16 XFX 5700 DD Ultra