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Adept II

Anyone got MORE black screen instances since upgrading to 20.2.4? I do.

I play a very mild game: Twilight Struggle, a Steam game with only 2D graphics.

Windowed Mode, 3200x1800



CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3500GHz

MB: Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA

RAM: G.SKILL 64GB (4x16GB) 3600

PSU: Corsair AX1000 (1000 watts)

Screen: LG 32UD59 4K connected through DP, Freesync 60Hz

Windows 10 build 1909

Dirver options: Anti-lag:no Chill:no Boost:no Image-Sharpening:no Enhanced-Sync:no

Screen turned black once in while. Update AMD drivers to 20.2.4 yesterday, now I get one every 10 minutes! 

Need a hard reset each time to get the display back.

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Adept II

OK, I found the following in the release notes for Adrenalin 20.5.2, which is an "Optional" driver, not a recommended one:

Fixed Issues

On a limited number of displays, launching a game may lead to an intermittent black screen that requires a system reboot to resolve.

Known Issues

Some users may still experience black screen or system hang issues during extended periods of gameplay. AMD will continue to monitor and investigate reports of these issues closely.

So I updated from 20.2.4 to 20.5.1. Bugs in the 20.2.4 drivers are so annoying that I am willing to risk a driver which has not reached "Recommended" state.

I will give it a few days of use and report here.

Journeyman III

update to the latest 20.5.1 drivers then make sure you are not on the windows 2004 update edition. the latest windows update is crashing alot of 5700xt. mine including until i reverted back to the 1909 update on windows.


If you look I my original post, you can see that I am running build 1909.


I'm on Win 10 version 2004 with no major issues. My only problem is the cashing of DX12 in MHW. Other games are okay. No issues on other uses of computer.

Problems are different for every 5700XT and driver. This sucks. I'm glad I found some solutions for my setup.

Adept II

Boy. 20.5.1 is much worse. I use this computer mainly for work. Now, I get a black screen while in MS TeamViewer; that never happen before! First, TeamViewer unexpectedly closed, then reopens, saying there was a glitch in previous run. A few minutes later, I got a black screen, just as if  my screen was unconnected. Rest of the system seemed working. Tried Alt+F4 to kill TeamViewer; no effect. Needed a hard reset. 

After reboot, I started TeamViewer again; this time, it was the only application running. Same sequence of events.

I'm going back to 20.4.2, or, if possible, an even older version.

AMD guys, you got work to do!!!

Journeyman III

Ive had all kinds of hell with my 5700XT. at the moment its mostly stable running 20.4.2.

I have found removing the adrenalin software and then repointing the gpu to the right drivers folder (as it reverts to windows generic drivers even though it leaves the drivers behind) introduced more stability when i was still suffering Black screens. I ocassionally now get a screen freeze that requires a reboot or for some reason sound will play up ut its a lot better than it was.

Also if you use AMDs driver removal tool and then reinstall the AMD drivers thats been pretty good for me as well at introducing stability. Ifyou upgraded over an old driver definitely try this first

Adept II

I am back to 20.1.3, which I was running from end of January to early June; I also updated the BIOS of Gigabyte MB from F3 to F11. I had no black screen since. 

Nope. Just got another black screen while in a TeamViewer video conference call.


Try swapping from DisplayPort to HDMI.

It might not sound like much of a fix, but I was completely stuck with the same issues for the last 2 months, but I haven't had a crash since.

I'm wondering if there's a displayport driver bug that's causing these.

I wonder how well HDMI will work with a 4K screen, but I will try it.


5700 XTs can output 4K 60fps over HDMI, so as long as the port on the monitor can handle it you should be ok

vnuevo had a similar issue, and it was with HDMI: 

Journeyman III

I have black screen on driver installation no matter wich one sapphire 5500 xt 4GB, I will return it with refund just 2 weeks with it.