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Adept II

Anyone ever get Alien Isolation to work on an RX 5700 XT? I think it would be good to start here where people can list what they are having trouble running and what hardware and software they have.

Alien Isolation is a game I can't get to run.  I get black screen.  I have an RX 5700 XT paired with an i5 2500k running stock with Turbo Boost plus 16 GB of DDR3 ram.  Any help in getting this running would be appreciated.  I was able to remove the opening credits or whatever that included an AMD one and yet it did nothing to help getting past the black screen and getting to the menu.  

So with what I shared I look forward to others sharing their issues as it pertains to certain games.

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Running Alien Isolation (xbox game pass) without any issues on RX 5700 XT (sapphire reference), Ryzen 3600.
Win 10 2004
Adrenalin 20.5.1 


alseu did you have to do anything in regards to settings tweaks with the video card?  Also considering the game is on that new Xbox Game Pass I would think MS would make sure the game ran properly on the latest hardware so it doesn't quite make me think for sure it is my card.  As for Adrenalin settings anything different?  Finally about Windows 10 eh I have fought hard to not go to that OS but my brother recently switched for the Xbox Game Pass reasons.  


I've been using this pc for a year. Using early drivers for 5700 XT i had to set "pcie link power management" to "off" in windows powerplan settings, otherwise random blackscreen event could occur during gaming. Another thing with early drivers was random Tdr error BSOD when exiting certain games - setting Tdr delay as "8" via windows registry fixed it.
Haven't done any tweaking since that and haven't had any blackscreens or bluescreens at stock driver settings.
In Adrenalin i enable image sharpening for some games and use undervolt profile (2014mhz 1110mv) - it helps to get a bit higher core clock frequency using 1440p resolution.

Do you experience blackscreens in other games with your system?


With how everything has been going I am not going to bother trying to mess with the Windows registry.  As for "pcie link power management" I am going to try that now and see what happens. As for an undervolt with the card I let it automatically do that at one point and it did not help and as for wanting a higher core clock I really just want the thing to run at close to stock speed promised me with this card.  In regards to 1440p I haven't run anything at that resolution as I have been pushing 4k and that is it.   Oh and as for other games getting black screens off the top of my head I can't remember but I think with my settings I was pushing some games too hard at 4k and they didn't run as well as they should have.  I know with WOW I had some weirdness and some other games being kicked out of the games and freezing up.  With the GTX 670 that used to be in this pc that did not happen.  Anyway so many different things at play here as I also added some new memory recently to get to 16 GB and mixing memory sometimes goes wrong although it never has for me.  Also the cpu no longer will overclock like it used to and I run it at stock.  

Yesterday ....

I played the latest Tomb Raider game demo and it ran somewhat well at 4K with some stuttering that was noticeable.  I played Crysis 2 Maximum Edition maxed and no issues.  I was going to try Lords of the Fallen and see how it goes and some other demo I downloaded.   


not yet,just found and bought it on sale for $13 on steam,will let ya know once it's installed. Holy schmoly 30 Gigs lol


13 : S  Not a great number but I hope it works for you.  Thanks for saying you will let me know when you get it installed or heck any point after that is fine.   As for downloading 30 GB is nothing these days kind of but with internet pricing and speeds not where they should be at matched with unlimited downloading well yeah it can be awhile before you get things downloaded.  Heck for me I thought moving up to 100/10 was going to make me happy and you just end up eventually needing things to be faster.  What stinks is the company that uses the lines that another company has in my area won't let us have 250/10 or higher for a reasonable rate.  Canadian government enables the big three to cause misery allowing for minimal competition.


In Canada as well

Will advise as soon as its all done,hopefully tonight


So got it all installed,left everything on default,game settings were all ultra etc..played about half an hour in and worked fine,avg 133.9 fps and temps were fine maybe 40-45'c.Alien 1.jpgAlien 2.jpg

Well glad it worked for you. : )  Now time for me to take my card out of my pc and smash it into a million pieces.

Oh one thing ...

What are the rest of your pc specs?

I know btw this should work with mine based on even recommended specs but curious as to what you have.

Also definitely going to try and play this with my old card in this pc and may try it out on an even older pc I have that meets requirements.

Thanks for posting what you did. : )


AMD Ryzen 2700x 
ASUS Rog Crosshair VII Hero X470
ASUS Rog Strix RX5700XT OC
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
Samsung 1TB 970 Evo+ m.2 SSD
Corsair HX1200i PSU w/custom black cables
Corsair H100i RGB Platinum AIO
Creative Soundblaster Z
Windows 10 Pro 64
BenQ XL2720 27" 144Hz monitor
Benq RL2755HM 27" 60HZ Monitor