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Anyone else getting error GW502 with Gears 5?

Rx 480 8 Gb 19.9.2 Beta

Windows 10 last build

tried to low everything but still have same issue

game is installed on ssd

game crashing randomly after 5-20 min with this error 

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Found this Website that gives tips on troubleshooting the various Errors you get including GW502: How to fix frequent Gears 5 errors on PC and Xbox 

At a Reddit Thread someone mentioned about not overclocking the GPU card which fixed his GW502 error.

From Microsoft XBOX Support: 

Try installing a Previous RX480 Driver and see if the problem is fixed from here: 

Do you have the latest Gears 5 patches installed? or the latest version of the game?

From searching your GW502 error it seems to be a very popular and common error since most links are from this year.  This seems to me to indicate it might be more of a Microsoft issue (XBOX or Windows)  or  Gears 5 game issue then a Graphic Driver issue since it also is occurring with Nvidia GPU Cards.

is new radeon software going to fix this issue?


So do you have issues with Gears 5, like crashes or BSOD? sadly the game is the faulty, I have Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 1070 and It crashes too.

I did a full post explaining all. TC never replied me. No matter if I have the latest drivers, Windows, game patches, etc. Is the same sh!@#t

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