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Journeyman III

AMDRSServ.exe causing rx580 100% usage

Hi all.

I noticed lately that my GPU stays at 100% utilization after quitting a game, tested all my games and it's the same result.

At first i just did a quick restart and the problem went away, but that got old really quick ^^
After a bit of googling I found AMDRSServ.exe is the culprit, and when I end the task, GPU goes to normal utilization and the .exe just restarts on it's own without any issues.

So is there a way to avoid force ending the task after every game? is there a setting that I'm missed?

Thank you in advance.

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This tech Windows website gives some very good troubleshooting tips with screenshots to fix high GPU by AMDRSService:

That service concerning Radeon Settings Relive and Record Desktop feature. If you don't use that feature you can disable it in Device Manager as shown by the above link.

NOTE: I suggest you also open a AMD SUPPORT Ticket to see if this is a new bug or not in the AMD driver :