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Journeyman III

AMD Stuttering Caused by SAM/Instant Replay - Solution Makes No Sense

Hey all!


I have been experiencing an issue with Instant replay since selling my 3080 and getting a 7900XTX last year. I have a 7800X3d as well. I have tried changing and following all Instant Replay steps to try and fix the issue and none appeared to help. The issue is my entire PC will stutter every ~5-10 seconds. Even with nothing running and just chrome my mouse will freeze.


To be clear, the stuttering is only when Instant Replay/Record Desktop is enabled.

My specs:

1200W Corsair Platinum PSU

X670E Taichi



64GB 6000 DDR5 (Dual Channel) - Trident Z

I have up to date Bios, GPU Drivers, and AMD Chipset drivers on high performance power plan. My parts are not OC'd and I am under a full custom loop with very low temps.

The solution:

I have found there is a specific fix to this issue and it does NOT make any sense and I am trying to figure out why.


AMD Adrenaline > Performance > Tuning > AMD SmartAccess Memory Enabled/Disabled.

Here is the confusing part. It doesn't matter what the setting is on. The key here is that I switch between whatever setting is currently on when I boot up. AKA If I boot up I just need to change it to the opposite (Enabled/Disabled) and the stuttering is gone.

I can't make any sense of it any help would be greatly appreciated as its an annoying solution and looking to get it more permanent.

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Adept II


"AMD SmartAccess Memory Enabled/Disabled."

Doesn't that reduce the amount of memory your GPU can use? For me I have 24GB so I want to have it all available to use. The tool tip when you hover over it says its limited to 256MB. That is laughable.