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Adept I

AMD software causing crashes 6000 series

Hi Amd People ! so i have recently bought a Rx 6700 XT, and i have discoverred, that do to some compability issues, AMD Software causes many games to run at alot lower FPS then they should, and that in some cases it makes your games crash or make your pc restart. this can be solved by downloading the installer for your driver or auto detect, and then chose ONLY Driver option in advanced installation, so you don't instal the Softaware. i thought i would post it here, for those looking for a temporary solution until the Software is Compatible with the 6000 series i do not know what causes the incompability, i leave that to AMD to find out   i hope this will be usefull for some people having crashing issues  . Edit: as pointed out i have not told my specs, they are here now and my crashes just got substituded with freezes ... so it did not fix it, but was more temporary, i humbly ask for assistance. i suspect a faulty card since it also had heating issues in some cases (around 80- 95 degrees celcius)


Intel i7 8700k

XfX Qick Rx 6700 Xt

16 GB Ram 2600Mhz

M´otherBoard: Asus-Rog Strix B360-F Gaming 

Psu: 700w

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Adept I

I have an RX 6700 XT, works fine.  Not sure what is going on with your system as you didn't list any information, but if your PC is spontaneously restarting, I would be looking at a possible PSU issue.

im sure it is not a PSU problem borrowed my brother in laws psu yesterday to check it. that is not it but thanks for your reply and pointing i did not post my specs  

I have the same card as you, I would contact XFX for possible warranty replacement.  Have you tried a manual fan curve for the card?  


Yes i have tried a manual fan setup, i returned the card Friday to the company i bought the xfx card at, and they are checking it for faulty, since it kept crashing, i still have my varenty, so I can get a full refund if it is faulty and then I will buy another card. Might go back to team green. Since this has been very frustrating, saw some guy on Reddit, who had tried 3 different models of this card and they where all faulty, until he got the 4 card that worked probably, that's unlucky 

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This is certainly not a power supply problem with my RX5700XT, power supply GIGABYTE AORUS P750W, AORUS DIMM 16 GB DDR4-3600 Kit, GiBy X399 AORUS PRO, Threadripper 1900X 8 Core 4 Ghz, GiBy AORUS LIQUID COOLER 240, GIGABYTE AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD 1TB, HP I often had w2207 with 1680: 1050 60Hz wide LCD monitor and housing GiBy AC300G Aorus and sometimes I still have crashes with restart at Valhalla. I just install the Radeon driver without the adrenaline software and set the core clock, core voltage and cooling accordingly with the MSI Afterburner. Gigabyte specifies the boost clock as 2010, but the standard setting of the graphics driver from AMD is core clock 2100 and core voltage 1184. This means that I only achieve a maximum of this 2010 MSAA 2x in the benchmark and with MSAA 4-8x the FurMark benchmark also crashes as known. That's why I play Valhalla with 1770 base core clock and 1075 core voltage and MSAA low with increased fan power and it works so well. I have no problems with Doom Eternal and can play this game with Standard, which is probably due to the graphics machines used. Because DX 12 performs the shader optimization while playing, it can still crash within 5-15 minutes, with Horizon Dawn you could do this optimization before the game started, which takes about 15 minutes and is not saved.

Adept I

after the AMD software stopped running in games, by itself it just stopped working у меня пропали вылеты в Assassins Creed Valhalla, before that I tried everything.
lowering the frequencies on the video card did not help either
so I think there is a problem with AMD software

Adept II

I thought this solved my problem, but it only postponed it. Driver only also crashes when OBS is recording. Just put my old RX 5700 XT and it works like a charm. 6000 series suck hard. I regret so much spending money on AMD card.

Are you still having issues with crashes? Recently built new pc with 6750x and have tried 3 psu's. Obviously not the issue. Any clue on the fix? I heard two monitors with largely different refresh rates can be a cause of this.