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Journeyman III

AMD RX570 4GB High Temp

I bought a AMD Brand RX570 4Gb GPU. All games are running perfectly but temperature is really high(Specially in PUBG Lite lobby). When I play games in ultra setting, all under 4 gb vram, temperature is reaching 89- 92 Celsius. Fps is great. I am worried whether the graphics card may be defective. Does this this temperature shorten the life of gpu or any other components? I have one extra air in fan and It's very powerful fan. I didn't Overclock my GPU ever. It's work with original AMD settings at all time.
When I'm in pubg lite lobby, these are the usage details.
GPU usage 98-100%
Gpu Fan 100% (3200-3300Rpm)
Gpu Temp 89-92c 
Room Temp 22c-26c at all time
Plz Plz help me.

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