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Adept I

AMD - Ruined my new GPU Experience and Excitement

I have been NVIDIA user since 2003 - I heard good things about AMD so thought I will go AMD this time and bought their top of the line GPU 7900 XTX only to figure out that It has "issues" with series motherboards 

Why they could not just say that when selling me their most expensive product, somewhere on the product that certain motherboards or CPU might cause problems? Why be dishonest and cause frustration to your customers?

Well it not just Ruined my new GPU Experience but also disappointed me and Frustrated me.  

AMD I really liked what you were doing but this is not what I expected. This is unacceptable and guys please don't play fanboyism with me. I don't care how big of fanboy you are, my GPU does not work as expected/advertised so bad product to me.

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after reading one of your links I found this:

One of the problems was in fact the card itself. I would try the card on another system or RMA.

Good Luck



The Englishman

Cheers, sending it back so they can test it, however, I don't really think it is faulty hardware. I will post back


Usual stuff with ANY vendor:

  • check your cables
  • update your UEFI
  • check the init procedure aka fast boot, super fast etc.
  • make sure it is not a windows init problem and if not goes well just rma

It is done in less than an hour.

I have checked everything anytime, Really really wanted this to work to making a bigger move towards AMD CPUs also away from Intel but I don't think it will happen soon or ever after this

Journeyman III

I've been helping OP with the issue seeing as we both bought identical cards and have had markedly different experiences. I am on an X570 and it boots completely fine, same as my old card. However, near as I can tell OP is correct and there is a widespread issue at boot with Z690/790 boards and UEFI enabled. He can't go back to CSM due to Windows 11 but that also appears to generally help the issue.

If you plug a different card into the Z790 board, it goes away. If you plug the 7900XTX into a different chipset board, the issue goes away. There seems to be a consistent issue with this combination.

We have tried a lot of steps to resolve it and we're both at a loss other than this needs to be resolved at the UEFI/BIOS level.

It does of course, eventually get there, but with other issues like driver timeouts and the Windows Update issue all piling on, it looks like it will be a reversion to nVidia for my friend.

Whilst AMD might not be at fault for all of these issues, there is a clear inconsistency of experience that is causing issues for their brand and they may need to have a look at improving that aspect, IMO.

thanks for helping bro

As my buddy said, I guess team red is not for me, unfortunately - Not with product quality like this. I really do not want to worry about who is to blame after paying the premium price as a consumer it is AMD's product causing the issue so I blame AMD BUT if AMD had this written down somewhere that "7900 XTX may cause issues with Z790 or DDR5 RAM or UEFI/CSM etc" (which may or may not resolve the issue regardless) I might have given AMD a pass. I might have dealt with Windows override or Driver's time out also even though it is extremely annoying I might be able to live with it but not with this product quality and zero acknowledgment or help from AMD on the said issue. I also had the WIFI issue after installing the card, my WIFI speed dropped from 275MBPS to 35MBPS, figured out later that the display ports for some awful reason interrupting WIFI Signal so luckily I tried and moved the WIFI antennas the other away from the display ports and WIFI is back to normal. Now I really don't care who is to blame here, MSI, AMD, Intel, Windows, Telsa, Youtube, or Twitter but it is AMD's product that caused the issue so I will blame AMD.  4070ti never had any of that issue whatsoever.

Now going back to NVIDIA's spell after sorting this out, I really hate NVIDIA the reason I wanted to move away but believe it or not after this I actually slightly started respecting NVIDIA It's funny, I still hate them but respect them for the things they let out actually work with new-gen hardware. I will take a loss on this card but I like my components to work. It is just frustrating to deal with so many issues for no reason. I really wanted this to work though to make the next move to AMD CPU but I know AMD doesn't give a fly bird, but they have lost a customer.


Well, you don't want CSM usually nowadays. It surely is a combination of things, might be the Intel Management Engine inside their chipsets/CPUs within combo of the vbios. The issue MUST be tackeled from all sides. It mostly cannot be fixed by one party you need Intel, AMD and all the board vendors.

By the way, this kind of “crap” happen to everyone. It also happens to nvidia with the plagued displayports and the boot/blackscreen issues.

So if I would be you guys, I would collect all the data that I have and format it well and send it to Intel, AMD, the gpu vendor (if not MBA) and to the mainboard company. A good way is also public "pressure" via twitter, rddt or even LTT and Steve.

Yep, CSM is not what I want so I did not even bother switching to it.

Also, agree with collaboration. On the other hand, I was also wondering if I had AMD CPU It might have worked, I just can't be bothered to be honest. I am just worried to touch anything AMD anymore. 

I sent a compelling email to Steve but not sure how slammed they are at the moment. This could very well go into their backlog as this seems to be impacting a group of people and not everyone.

Adept I

More of a general answer to the topic.

After having owned a few AMD-GPUs, I bought a 4090 a few days back and its already running in my system.

I made the swap from a 6950XT, that actually was pretty nice, but I just neede/wanted a bit more punch for my VR-Applications (especially DCS-Flight sim). Actually I planned to get a 7900XTX last year, but since problems were reportet with VR, I got the 6950 as a stopgap until the VR-problems were fixed. But up to now they obviously were not so I got the 4090. Also because N. offers some more functionalities like support for FixedfeoveatRendering in DCS.

After testing a bit I can say, that the experience with the 4090 is not that much better up to now. Of course the gain in perf is great and the increased setting do really help, but aside from that the experience is not what the price-gap yould suggest.

As for AMD-GPUs in general, I guess, it depends very much on which AMD-generation you get. 6xxx seems to have been perfectly fine and with my 6950XT, except for some driver-quirks in VR, all was fine.

With 7xxx AMD obviously introduced some new-generation-techniques (multi-die), that still give them some trouble. But Im pretty sure, if they work their problems out, maybe with the next 8xxx-gen, they will have a strong offering again.

The most annoying part of all for me were the claim AMD made before release (50+% better energy-efficiency and at the launch 1,5-1,7 times ofer the 6950), which they obviously missed big time. That really made me reconsider with team to choose.

For AMD I just can hope, that they can learn from their mistakes and next time get it right. As seen in CPU it takes quite a long time to sway the public in another direction. With RDNA2 they for sure laid a good foundations but with RDNA3 they for sure did not make it better.

very well put mate, Price tag is just insane. AMD really need to get their 'stuff' right, It seems like 6000 was fine, my buddy (above) lent me 6700xt and it works just fine. No boot relays, no driver crashes, no timeouts, and no multi-display issues. I feel like buying 7000 AMD just made us ginny pigs for testing their hardware to 'improve' it for the 8000 series. That is not how it should have been done. Hardcore fans will stay with them, but new customers like myself won't look back. I don't want to touch another AMD product.

Adept I

Bad news,

The seller came back and told me there is nothing wrong with the card (it sucks). However they tried it with AMD CPU,  I sent them the links to the posts in my first post and they are going to try with intel CPU and see if they can replicate the issue - They are good and they try thier best to help but they can go so far. I dont think they are going to try with Z Series Mobo or DDR5 but maybe they can replicate the issue with just intel 13 gen.

In the mean while I ordered NVIDIA again and received it today. Plug and Play, No boot delays or VGA LED Indicators, it just works. I used DDU to uninstall AMD drivers, Installed NVIDIA drivers. No issues whatsoever. Boots fine, runs fine, no abnormnal behavour. So far I have tried 4 cards now and the only one doesnt work is 7900XTX 


I Will post back when I get an update