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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon™ RX Graphics Cards Game Bundle

I bought a computer with an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card from a Comfy store in Ukraine. Can I participate in this promo? If yes, what should I fill out or where should I write? I can provide you with a photo of the purchase receipt and a photo of the video card.

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First you need to find out if the Retailer where you purchased the PC is participating in the AMD Promotion or not.

Did the Ukrainian Comfy Store ad for your PC mention the AMD Promotion? If it didn't that is a good indication it is not participating in the AMD promotion.

Also not sure if you qualify since the AMD GPU card came Pre-installed in a OEM PC and not purchased separately. You need to ask Comfy store if you qualify or not that is if Comfy Store is a participating store in the AMD Promotion.

You need to ask Comfy Store if they are participating in the AMD Promotion because they are the only ones that can give your the game codes to redeem at AMD Awards site.

Here is the latest AMD Promotion for the GPU cards:

Screenshot 2023-03-07 124124.png

If you purchase the OEM PC with the AMD GPU card between November 8, 2022 and February 4th 2023 you had until March 4th 2023 to redeem your coupon. That was the last AMD Promotion with the 6000 series GPU card which has now expired.

The above is the new AMD Promotion that started today, March 7th 2023.