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Adept I

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Driver/GPU crashes

I've been running into some problems with my Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT "red devil" for quite some time now. I've bought the card in summer 2020 and it causes some problems since summer 2021. Since then when i do play games, not even games that require good graphics (e.g. Minecraft & World of Warships), it sometimes just crashes, gives me a blackscreen for a few seconds and then sends me the "driver timeout occured" window. After that i can't start any game without the driver crashing immediately. There are multiple things that happen when the driver crashes; First: Blackscreen, driver crash notification ; Second: My computer just "blackscreens" and restarts itself after (not showing windows : "restarting" message) ; Third : My GPU comepletely glitches out and my pc becomes unuseable unless i restart it (reference in added screenshot) ; Fourth : My Driver crashes and then my second monitor won't work anymore until i reinstall the driver. A few days ago, i tried a clean install of the newest driver, everything worked fine for 2 days, however today it crashed twice within the timespan of 10 minutes. 

I'am asking if anyone has had the same issue and knows a way to fix it. I do not really want to buy a new GPU when there is a way to fix my issues.

Thanks in foward.


AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT "red devil" 8gb

GSkill Aegis 3200 Mhz 16gb dual kit

MSI B450M Pro-VDH-Max

Be quiet! Pure power 11 700W CM

Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB NvMe

(Case and fans: Sharkoon S1000 Window, Be quiet! Pure Rock 2)

Driver crashDriver crash

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Volunteer Moderator

If you have another PC, have you tried to install the GPU in that PC and see what happens? the GPU might be defective.

No, unfortunately I do not, however this kind of gpu glitch only happened twice yet. Usually it just blackscreens and then the driver crashes if i try to open any game, which means I have to reboot the system. Or it just reboots itself. Is it possible that it does this due to settings in the radeon software? I've heared undervolting/ increasing the power limit helps. Aswell as my nvme ssd potentionally being the issue as " it is in Slot #1" , is there something true behind these things? Should I try to change settings in the software, if yes which? These crashes occured very frequently since I got a new ssd /started using a new monitor via DP(AOC CQ32G1) might this also be a possible reason?  Furthermore, does updating the bios help? Last time I tried to do so, it somehow "killed" my Motherboard and I had it replaced (same cpu), which is why im kind of afraid of doing so again.

(Recording with medal/OBS also makes crashes more common)

Thanks in advance.


Volunteer Moderator

Try to improve the cooling for the video card.  Start by using compressed air and blowing out the dust around the fans of everything, including the RX 5700 XT fans.  Blow out the vents in the exhaust ports of the video card.  Then see if any more air can be blown onto the video card area.  The idea here is to give it the best cooling you can (even an extra outside fan blowing on the interior of the case with the side of the case removed) to help eliminate crashes due to overheating.

Also, monitor the temperatures of your components, such as the CPU, RAM and RX 5700 XT.  Are they getting anywhere near 80 C?

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I did try to blow out dust with compressed air before, didnt really help, the gpu does usually max out at ~68° C , CPU does reach 76° C sometimes , however the crashes occure so randomly, that I cant really see on what temperature it is one before its too late. (Metrik overlay disappears)

I will however try to clean it with compressed air again just more "intense" , maybe that helps.

Also I just remembered, that clocking my ram to 3200 Mhz also caused crashes ( put it to ~3100 mhz) , is it possible that it causes all these issues?

Volunteer Moderator

When you have an instability with your system, running the components at stock settings should be one of the first steps you take.  Overclocking RAM is usually safe for one step up in the MHz settings, but I would certainly set it back down to stock specs for now until you resolve this issue.  Some people jump right in with overclocking their CPU / RAM / Video card once they complete a build and then all hell breaks loose.  It's best to start at stock settings and change things one step at a time.  Write down what changes you make each time so you can easily revert back to the previous settings.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Have you tried reverting to a slightly older driver?  Also, I've had weird issues with GPUs in the past where underclocking the card a bit solved stability issues.  Try underclocking the gpu core and memory separately and together and see if it becomes more stable. Just a thought.
Adept III

---> Vid about  22.9.1 & driver issues  with the rx5700xt (22.8.2 should be good for 5700xt's)

Ryzen7 5800X 4,95ghz; LLC3; 420mm Liquid Freezer2; Corsair RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 - 3600mhz CL18; Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC; Asus XG27AQ 165Hz; MSI X570 Gaming Plus PPT:137W EDC:135A TDC:95A; BeQuiet! PP 730W
Adept I

AMD driver crash error is an outdated or corrupt AMD driver. So you should update your AMD drivers to see if it fixes the problem.