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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon R6 graphics - audio over displayport to HDMI? 4k video?


I have an HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 ( running Windows 10 Pro. 

It has an integrated AMD Radeon R6 graphics, with two Display Port 1.2 outputs. I've not been able to find much data on this.

I have a Display Port to HDMI adapter which goes into my Sony surround sound processessor/decoder/amp (Sony STR-DN1080 in 7:1 speaker configuration). That then feeds a monitor and a 4K projector, as well as the speakers. 

I am running Radeon Software v 21.3.1, with the R6 driver recognised as a display device, but not an audio device.

Ideally I would like to have 4k video output and multichannel audio. Can this be done using the R6? Windows does not recognise any audio devices other than my external USB soundcard. Is this because the R6 cannot output multichannel audio? Because I need a different Display Port to HDMI adapter which enables that? Or something else? 

If this cannot be done using the R6, do you have any advice on what PCIe graphics card (Gen 3 slot) would work here, with 4K video out, multichannel HDMI audio? It may need to be low profile, given the micro tower format ( . 

This would be for watching films/video/normal browsing etc - not gaming.

Many thanks in advance. 


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Journeyman III

4k video now working with driver update

Audio now working - was disabled in the BIOS - see here