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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon R5 M230 error code 43


After installing win 10 in my service to my NB (Lenovo G 505s) the graphics card does not work and reports error code 43.

I have a win 10 and the driver is the latest from the AMD website. How can I resolve this error?

Thanks for the advice.


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deleted since I accidentally created two identical replies.


please post the make & model of your Laptop processor and exact Lenovo Laptop Model you have.

If you have a AMD processor installed you MUST install the APU driver that will install both the IGPU and DGPU drivers for your laptop.

Most likely the Error 43 is from the Integrated Graphics. Where in Device Manager did the Error Code 43 show up on? The Integrated or Discrete GPU in your laptop?

If you have an Intel Processor than you must make sure all of your Intel drivers especially the APU Graphics and CHIPSET drivers are the latest with the latest BIOS version installed.

Also make sure your Windows is fully updated via Windows Update for the AMD generic laptop drivers to work correctly.

Best it is best to use your own OEM (Lenovo) Support AMD Drivers which are 100% compatible with your laptop.



Thank you for your interest!

My laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad G505s , model: 20255, S/N: CB31857080 , MTM: 59411494

Procesor AMD A8

Code 43 in on Discrete GPU. Integrated (AMD Radeon HD 7640G) is OK. 

Windows is fully updated. 



from you description of your laptop APU Processor you must have a A8-4500M with HD7640G Integrated Graphics.

You are in the same boat as a couple of other Users here.

Your APU Processor's last AMD Driver is from 2015/2016 but your R5-M230 last AMD Driver is from 06/2021.

Your Discrete R5-M230 driver from 2021 ISN'T COMPATIBLE with your HD7640G from your APU processor.

You are basically forced to install the last AMD Drivers from 2015/2016 which are compatible with both the Integrated and Discrete GPU cards.

If you still get code 43 after installing Lenovo AMD driver for your laptop than I suggest you run Lenovo's Diagnostic software and see if it comes up with anything abnormal.

Last HD7640G driver:

Last R5-M230 AMD Driver:

Check the Release notes for the R5-M230 and see if your HD7640G is listed as being compatible.


Thanks for sharing this i got the solution of mine problem don't know about the commentor Lol...