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Journeyman III

AMD radeon HD 5450 CRASH

i play light games in my PC and i runs perfectly at 80FPS sometimes 100FPS i am on 4x2 RAM it was all good but now for no reasons when i play games like HeroesOfNewerth or League of legends the monitor starts lagging very bad without FPS drop and then it`s all blacked out for no reason no over heating and the graphics card fan is working ... Windows 10 Pro updated and i downloaded the latest driver for my graphics card from the website and bought a new VGA cable and tried another monitor and still have the same problem ... what should i do ?

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Try running DDU, does wonders when you have wierdness happening with your graphics card. (Must be ran in safe mode)

Does the game keep running while the screen is black or it crashes too?


As you know, that is a very old graphics card. It does not meet the minimum requirements set by Microsoft for Windows 10. The last drivers are here >

Journeyman III

for the past one week i have been trying to resolve this issue...but dont know what went wrong..
my monitor just shows a red screen and then goes black and just blinks the signal light....even if we restart the system,the blinking LED with
black screen continues...then i have to remove pc from power ,wait for 5 minutes then everything goes fine..
whats interesting is that even if the computer is at idle this happens .I checked the gpu aswell as cpu temperatures and they are at 52 and 45..
if i switch to integrated graphics everthing goes fine..
i updated my CC to latest and no change..
I am pretty sure that my psu can handle the card.
Pls help