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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 6600xt restart pc when screen timeout is turned on?

Anyone else having issues with this card causing pc to crash once monitor turns off for power saving through windows?

have tried everything, at the moment just have the pc running with no power saving features on what so ever and no problems now.

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Yep, fixed in 22.5.2 guys! 

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Adept II

Well, i think that i had a similar issue today ...

Yestdary got a 6600 XT, everything worked perfectly until this evening after leaving the computer away some hours it was frozen and the monitor in saving mode. 

Will investigate more the coming days to see if the issue happens again or if it was something else. 

Got the same problem today ... when i came back to my computer, the monitor was in save state as it should, but the computer was frozen. No response from keyboard or mouse, hard reset ... generic drivers loaded etc. 

Did DDU in safe mode etc. No problems with the integrated graphics from the processor (Intel). This only started with the 6600XT so i don't think that it's an windows issue ... on the same machine RX 590 in the past didn't have any issues. 

i'm 100% sure that its problem of AMD'S drivers and have just to wait to fix 

what happens if you turn off the power save and leave the screen on ...try

Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B when it freezes to restart the  gpu driver

Yes i try this but not work. now im gonna try now with a new HDMI cable 2.1

try removing the driver using DDU. Then reinstall the driver wtihout the adrenalin software. Install the driver manually from inside device manage  and tell windows to search in the folder were the driver. This is which is usually c:amd. see if the black screen happens

i dont ever have my screen off so i dont get this issue. If im not using the pc i turn it off but i am using 6900xt

I try this and not work 

Adept II

I install the drivers to my 6600xt and put my screen black and this happend to much people i think i problem of amd, hope they fix soon ic ant use my rx 6600 xt

i think this is a windows issue as I have multiple problems with the power setting profiles. They will not change and when i can  alter them they revert back after a reboot.  


clean reinstall everything time

Oh, thank goodness, it's not just me... both me and my partner have had this issue where our computers have rebooted when the monitor is shut off in Windows after X amount of time, and on occasion the 6600 XT has been marked as disabled too, which makes us have to re-enable it and then reinstall the drivers to get it to work properly. We've 'fixed' it by setting the screen-turnoff to 'Never', but I'm still having issues with my computer rebooting when I remote into it via Parsec.

AMD, if you can let us know if this is something you're looking into, please do, because it's clearly affecting multiple people.

I think we have to wait AMD to fix this

Journeyman III

Created an account to say that I am experiencing the same issue. When my monitor (PC still running) goes to sleep I am unable to wake it back up using keyboard or mouse input. I have to hard reset my PC.

What happens if you just turn the monitor off and on  when everything goes black 

It says there is no signal and goes back to sleep.

Just posted similar issues with a saphire nitro + 6600xt mine is a bit worse as it defaults to the red VGA warning light on reset and have ro do 3rd power cycle to get it to boot. Just disabled sleep mode till I find fix  

You can try ctrl shift b to restart the gpu driver..i still think its windows as the power profiles are buggered in win 10

That wouldn't explain why my computer had no issues with this before upgrading to the 6600 XT, though.

Sorry but i think that it's not an windows related issue . If it was, i would have similar problems with a RX590 / GTX 980 or the integrated graphics that i tested in the same machine, prior the 6600 XT Nothing similar happened for months as pointed by others. 

Windows power plans work perfectly fine in my computer and they don't go away when i restart the computer or what ever, they work as intended. If i put energy saving, the processors frequency will try to stay as low as possible etc.

6600 XT Power consumption number at idle are astonishing low, i guess that's the issue is there, maybe too aggressive for some chips ...

well you well have to wait for a driver update but my 6900xt using virtually nothing at idle. i suggest turn the pc off when not in use or dont use power save to turn off the monitor. I leave all mine active otherwise, shutdown. Why leave the pc on anyway?

I disabled power saving for the monitor ... just put a screen saver when i am away just for a bit, or shut down the monitor when it's for a longer time. 

It's a temporary fix and i hope that there will be a driver that fix this issue. 

And you know there are plenty usages for a computer, like if i am encoding some videos, i don't need to be there :p. 




Tried the 21.8.2 same thing happened, not on the known bug list thought. 

I'm having issues as well, but mine is slightly different.  

After an hour or more of playing games, during gameplay, my screen will simply go black, then the system will reboot.  


I was using the AMD overlay to monitor temps, and temps are usually in the 40's-50's to where the fans aren't even spinning on the card.


Ryzen 5 3600

AsRock AB350 Pro 4

16gb ddr4 3000 can't remember brand exactly, crucial or corsair.  

256gb Samsung 960 EVO boot drive

1tb Teamgroup sata ssd for storage

2 1 tb spinning drives

Cooler Master MB511 case with 6 fans installed.  3 intake on front, 2 on top exhaust, 1 rear exhaust, and I have a PCI bracket with 2 80mm case fans that sit right under my gpu blowing cool air into it all the time.

Corsair RM850x Gold Power supply


At first my system would freeze during games, which I though might be drivers, so I updated to 21.8.2 

When it rebooted the first time and freezes would occasionally happen, I bought and installed the Corsair Power supply.  I had a 750 watt PowerSpec Bronze unit before.  


In this system, I've used both AMD and Nvidia cards and have never had this issue.  I got the RX 6600xt a few days after release, so maybe what I'm seeing happen is a driver?

Perhaps it's related to the initial content.  Any ideas before I end up RMAing this card?


Also, I have run DDU in safe mode a few times attempting to clear drivers out.  I see there's one other bios update for my board, but I've never had this issue with previous cards.  

Journeyman III

It's not only happening when monitor turns off for power saving, it is also happening if monitor is simply turned off. Either the display driver crashes or Windows crashes and PC instantly restarts.

Every RX 6600 XT compatible driver I have tried on multiple systems with two different RX 6600 XT gpus has had this problem.

I haven't experienced that, but I always leave my monitor on and allow it to sleep when my PC is shut off.  

I'm hopeful my card is working better though, I had changed power supplies earlier on,  I rolled back my drivers to 21.8.1, and I saw my PowerColor card has a vbios switch on it with 2 modes, one for overclocking, which it was set on from the factory, and a silent mode.  I moved it over to silent mode, and last night I was able to play about 1.5 hours of BF1 with no hangups, reboots, etc.  So if your card is overclocked at all, you may back off the overclock and see if it helps. 

But I do wish AMD would fix the drivers.  I've owned a few nvidia cards, this is my first AMD card in a while, and I've gotta say, if this were normal times, I likely would have returned this card and gotten a 3060 or 3060ti to replace it as I've rarely had these things happen on nvidia cards.  The reason I've stuck with this card for the amount of time I have already is because I got it for $439.99, and even if I get my money back, I can't get a card that is at the same tier this one is for the money, but I don't like feeling like a beta tester, though I do understand that new products have teething issues at times.  

Can you confirm you have tried restarting the gpu driver when it happens by pressing 


Are the gpu fans turning? What power supply you got? What temps are there when it crashes.

You could leave the pc on with the bios displayed to see if its software or hardware and try safemode. If it contiues i would return it and just get a 3060. 

This just brings back memories of the 5700xt where the drivers were continually useless.

Dont bother contacting AMD support you may aswell ask your cat or dog to help

With my card, unless the temperature exceeds 60 celsius, the fans don't turn.  

The key combination honestly I never thought about, so good idea there.  But usually when I would get a reboot, it usually happened within a few seconds.  

I actually have been talking to PowerColor support since they were the manufacturer, the guy there seems helpful.  

As far as returning it, I could, as I'm within my return window, however, even at my local Microcenter, I probably couldn't replace the card for what I paid for it, or if I did, I'd have to get a 1050ti for example, so trying to make this work if I can.  

I'll see how it goes.

Journeyman III

I am literally experiencing exactly the same problems since the first day of my XFX qick 6600xt arrived.

However, it acts completely weird only if I have youtube or any other video service (eg. Vimeo etc) on.

No matter what, if any youtube music video is playing on the background in some tab, or, if I am pausing video and going away from my desk, after my display is turning off as per power saver plan: my PC reboots.

Sometimes I even experience sound crashes for 15-20sec while video being played, but only after my display goes off! After that PC reboots by itself immediately.

I have tried same set-up with different browsers, all the time is the same result. Once display goes off as per power saver plan -> my PC reboots.

I tried playing spotify app/ soundcloud in browser etc. After display turns off, everything works perfectly, no sound crashes no reboots, absolutely nothing, but once I have any video on/paused - it corrupts.

Had this issue with previous versions of drivers, now with 21.8.2 nothing changed.

I have to say this is super annoying. This is my first AMD card ever and I already have troubles with it. 

Been using Nvidia all my life before and have NEVER experienced any issues with them. Everything worked properly out of the box. 

I have the exact same problem. PC reboots when screensaver goes into effect only when there is an open tab with video (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime). Doesn't even have to be running video, just on the main selection pages. Also first AMD card in years..


SergiuL's solution worked for me, disable the EnableUlps through register should work. 


I also have the same problem with my Asus Dual RX 6600XT. Even an RMA of the gpu did not fix the problem. I am using fresh windows 11 install on a Asrock B550 Steel Legend with Ryzen 5800X.

With my friend's 5700XT, there was no monitor timeout system crashing isssues at all. The issue is there only with the 6600XT.

Even just turning the monitor off using its power button and keeping the system running caused the system to crash when 6600XT was being used, no such issue with the 5700XT.


I am unable to follow your suggestion and turn off ULPS in registry. I am using 22.3.1 radeon driver. How to turn off ULPS to fix this bug of the 6600XT?


Anyone tried turning off 'Link State Power Management' ? Might be worth a try.

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

I can confirm that disabling ULPS solves the problem, guided by a user on reddit who was quite knowledgeable about this problem was able to confirm that the conflict is due to this. We ALL MUST SEND A TICKET TO AMD, it can't be that since last year this problem is still unresolved.

Disable ULPS:
Open Regedit and press control+F, search for EnableULPS, open that registry and change the 1 for 0, after applying the change restart the pc and keep in mind that this must be done again if the drivers are updated, at least until they fix this bug.


Journeyman III

This happens to me, without fail, everytime the computer goes to sleep. Even I trigger the sleep from Start > Power > Sleep.

This is really annoying and I've lost work because of it. It feels like I'm back in the 90s with no power saving mode and a screen saver. It's kind of ridiculous that this isn't fixed yet.

Personally lately, I've been having a bigger issue either while gaming, or just using the computer remotely through Parsec: basically I'll be doing either, and I'll get an error about 'running out of memory allocating textures', and whatever game I'm in will crash, and usually Discord goes all 'black-screen' on me. I then have to reboot the machine entirely to get it to work.

I personally refuse to believe a card that has four times the memory I had on my previous GTS 950 is 'running out of memory', so I'm guessing it's AMD's craptacular drivers. Seriously, how did that somehow transfer over from ATI to them?

Make sure you dont have riva tuner or afterburner installed 


Same here.

6600 XT clean install win 10 and B450 chipset drivers, Ryzen 3600.


When the pc turns the monitor off it DOES NOT wake the monitor.

pc has not crashed ( I can Alt + F4 ) shutdown pc just refuses to wake the monitor.


I have to disable sleep and set a screen saver instead.



works Perfectly with my 980 Ti or 1060 , have I made a mistake and gone AMD


might send it back and wait for a 3060.




Same problem, I bought this card on 14th August, with a new build. Facing the problem ever since.

Recently I too notcied that when PC goes off to sleep it reboots almost instantly. As someone said earlier set the screen turn off setting to never, let's see if PC reboots again.

P.S. - made this account just to say that I too am facing the problem.

Until the driver is fixed just turn off sleep. I never let my PC sleep ever. If its not in use turn it off to save electricity and restart when needed. If your encoding or something that takes a long time just leave everything on with the exception of the monitor. Just turn the monitor off with the power button and turn back on when you return.


I really cant see the big deal with sleep issue here. If the GPU was crashing under load then the scenario would be a lot more concerning. PC's are really complex pieces of tech. We dont live in a perfect world

When i say "sleep"


I mean when the pc turns off the monitor ( after like 5 mins ), this is my 11yrs old PC.


this is a fault, why should every time he leaves his pc for 5 mins he has to shut it down


no, its a fault , a brand new product that fails. he should be able to come downstairs without having to shutdown his pc, simply the monitors turning off should NOT crash his PC. this now looking at google search is an issue with the 6600 xt, I filed a support to AMD and got the usually response "will pas it on" but with so many issues with the 6600 xt and sleep / monitor standby issues this NEEDS fixing.