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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 520 GPU not working properly

Hello everyone,

I posted a couple of times here, and I'd really, really appreciate any help.

I bought a laptop about a month ago. It uses AMD Radeon 520 GPU and Intel i7 8th gen for CPU with 8GB of Ram.


Now, I'm facing serious issues with my graphics card. For example, when I try to use Microsoft Word, it gets very, very laggy to the point that it's almost unusuable. The same things happens when I try to run Football Manager, the CPU goes up to 90%+ which isn't normal by any standards.


So far I've updated graphic drivers, clean installed AMD, disabled Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and Radeon 520 (both individually and together). 


What weirds me out is that for example, Word works properly with Radeon 520 disabled and Microsoft Basic Display Adapter enabled. 

I'd love it if there's someone to help, and if there's any more info I need to provide, I'd be happy to.

Here's an example of how it looks like when I open Radeon settings


For reference, here are my system specifications (via CPU-Z):


Intel Core i7 @ 1895.36 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR 

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Can you post the exact Laptop Model you are using plus Windows and AMD Driver install versions?

Your Intel has a Integrated Graphics to it - Intel® UHD Graphics 620. The Intel Drivers must be the latest for the AMD Drivers to work correctly. So you must update your laptop's Intel Chipset and Integrated Graphics Drivers.

I would also check to see if there are any newer BIOS Versions for your laptop.

I would use your Laptop's manufacturer AMD Driver first and see if it work correctly if it isn't too out of date.

Here is how to update your Intel Laptop using a AMD GPU Card from AMD Forums: Laptop graphics update...How to and if your Laptop is a Switchable type here is how to configure it from AMD Support: