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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 5 5500U Graphic Card Sims 4 cc´s won´t work

Hi all,

so i got a new Mini Pc: NiPoGi AM06 PRO with AMD Ryzen 5 5500U. I´m a Sims 4 player and i always use CC Packages (No Mods). The Game works perfectly when i don´t have any cc´s in the game, but as sson as i put on little cc (package) in there, like a rug, the Game won´t start. It says:

"Unable to start:

Cannot start because game data is missing or damaged. If you have Mods installed please remove them and try again. If not, please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.


And it also says, that it couldnt find my graphiccard in the databank....I´ll put you a screenshot of my Graphiccard in here, it´s in German but i´m sure most of you know what it means. I also wonder: It says i´m only using like 495 VRAM (Video access Memory)....that´s not a lot, so how am i able to even start the game with all high settings? I´m really confused and tried a lot. Maybe some of you have som ideas, i´d be reaaalllly thankful Graphiccard.jpg


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