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AMD R5 335 4gb vram problem

well i need help i got a DELL laptop with i7 6th gen and a Intel HD Graphics 520 with 1 gb of ram AMD R5 335 with 4gb of vram but i got these 2 problems

1.whenever i play a game my gpu goes all the way up to 100% and overheats till it shuts down

even when the game isnt that power needy

for examp when i play combat master a game that i played like MONTHS ago it was running super smoothly without overheating on ultra settings but now  for some reason when i play it OVERHEATS SO MUCH till it shutsdown

another examp: when i play friday night funkin even though i see that its only using about 15% of the cpu its using 94µ of the gpu and its overheating slowly going up to 100°+

so in general i dont know why its always overheating but not using much vram

but in minecraft it wasnt overheating and then when i checked in F3 i realised it hasnt been overheating because its not even using the amd gpu but only the intel one

2. second prob is that the gpu never and i mean NVER goes beyond 1 gb of vram and even though the intel gpu got 1gb of vram one time when i checked the task manager i found it using 1.2gb of vram somehow

and so my question is why is it overheating yet not using its maximum power? this is so weird

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If you have recently installed updates such as drivers, try reverting/uninstalling those. For laptop users especially those with switchable graphics (IGP + GPU) install the software and driver packages from the laptop manufacturer. (Dell)

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If your laptop wasn't overheating playing the same or similar games as before seems to indicate either your laptop has developed poor air circulation inside the laptop due to dirty or dusty vents, Laptop fan(s) not working correctly or broken, Thermal paste or pads on both the GPU and CPU are not working as efficiently as before, see if you can change any BIOS settings that affects the TDP rating of your CPU or causes your CPU to overclock automatically.


At worst, you can purchase a Laptop Cooling pad to help keep your laptop to run cooler if you don't want to spend money at a computer shop or feel insecure in opening up your laptop to see if the Thermal paste or pads needs to be changed if the laptop is several years old.


Also make sure your Windows is fully updated and all of your Intel Drivers especially the Intel Graphics and CHIPSET drivers are updated to the latest versions.


Unfortunately, there are no more AMD Graphics updates for your laptop GPU card.


As mentioned it is best to get the latest drivers from your laptop manufacturer Support download page.


firstly i wanna try and go to the guy i got the laptop from again to help about the thermal paste+ dust and these things and maye ask him about the vram problem

secondly i got a basic cooling pad that even my cousin says that is really bad and me too since i can literally stop it from moving by just my finger so when i get enough money i'll probably get a new cooling pad but i wanna try out the first option to see if it works out since if it does i'm just gonna add another 8 ram to the laptop to helpout the performance and the high usuage i find sometimes

thirdly when i installed the amd driver given from the dell site it was a old version which i didnt really like and so i just installed one from the amd official site after giving my spefific gpu info but for some reason the radeon software dont work but i dont really mind or care since now i installed my driver again

i hope u give me more help before i actually go to the laptop pro and since its night i guess i'll just check tomorrow and anyways thanks for the current info i'll be lookin forward for your replies


The primary benefit of a cooling pad is raising the bottom of the laptop off the surface it rests on to allow an air gap so the built-in cooling solution can function.

The reason the universal AMD driver does not work is due to your laptop switchable graphics between Intel and AMD. You must get this driver from the manufacturer if you expect the switchable graphics to work. If you don't want to use the switchable graphics you can disable the Intel IGP and just use the AMD driver.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

first of all how? i asked my browser AI aria and now all i know is that i need to find this in the BIOS settings which when i check the BIOS settings i cant rly find  anything related to AMD gpu and for info my laptop is a dell inspiron 5759

and since i cant find help in the BIOS settings i tried the graphics settings in windows which doesnt reeally work since its sill not using more than 1 gb of vram and STILL starting to overheat

and i tried disabling the intel gpu from the device manager in the display monitors but instead of then auto choosing my amd gpu when i check it doesnt detect anything and just uses the microsoftt default display thing or whatever its called and so as a result of disbling the intel gpu my refresh rate went from 60.031 i think to 1 hertz which is obv a nightmare so idk how to make my amd a display driver and the BIOS settings arent helping 1 bit



Contact Dell support for assistance.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT