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AMD HD8670M driver issue

Why are there drivers for HD8670M if I cannot install them becuse of my apu A10-4655M,the integrated gpu is trash and because the drivers for my dedicated gpu are not worki im stuck with potato performance. Even the drivers from HP for my laptop are giving me bluescreen or are saying that my 7620G gpu(integrated) does not support the drivers, and I used hp support assistant and still no update available, I tried DDU tens of times with different driver versions but still nothing...even the manufacturer doesent give me an option i dont know what to do. All I can do is install the drivers for my apu which is listed as Legacy, so my dedicated gpu is almost useless.Neither HP nor AMD give me a solution...Is there any way to install drivers for my gpu...i tried even uninstalling the IGPU before installing the HD8670M drivers but still nothing

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sorry for my grammar I was on a tight schedule..hope its understandable


When you have a AMD Laptop with a AMD APU you must install the driver for the APU only. That driver will automatically install the HD8670M driver at the same time.

According to AMD download page : 

Your APU is not supported with driver updates anymore. You have only 2 choices from the last updated AMD APU driver for your laptop.

If you try to install just the HD8670M driver it may not be compatible with the APU Integrated Graphics thus causing BSODs or crashing.

Sometimes the APU Integrated Graphics is not supported with Driver updates but the discrete GPU in the laptop is. Thus if you install just the Discrete GPU updated driver it won't be compatible with the legacy Integrated Graphics on your APU.

Here is the latest AMD driver for the HD8670M: 

This  driver will not work in your laptop since it won't be compatible with your APU integrated Graphics.

If you can post your laptop's exact HP model or Serial Number I can check to see what was the last AMD driver for your APU and BIOS version for the laptop.

If you keep getting issues with HP Drivers for your laptop you can do 2 things:

1- Run HP Diagnostics on your laptop to rule out hardware or software issues.

2-If that passes then I would restore your laptop back to its factory settings by doing a HP Restore or using a HP Restore disc.

3- Upgrade to a fully supported Laptop and APU. (Your APU is soldered to the motherboard so you really can't upgrade the APU).


My laptop's serial number is: 5CD4111NN3

Product number: G1N02EA#AKE


Thank you very much for the S/N. I now have the exact HP Laptop you have and inputted it at HP Support.

You have a Trinity AMD Processor - A10-4655M CPU.

What I don't understand is why HP Support has two different HP AMD Drivers for your laptop.

1- 12/2016 Driver for HD8670M GPU card

2- 07/2015 Driver for A10-4655M

I far as I know, normally the APU Driver installs both the Integrated and Discrete Drivers in your laptop automatically.

Go to your laptop's Diagnostic webpage and run the diagnostics and see if it comes up with anything wrong: HP Support Diagnostic Tools – Automated fix for HP Laptop Computers & Printers 

The webpage also has a "Chat' feature to help you with anything not listed. I know your laptop is out of Warranty by your S/N. I would try the "Chat" feature in Diagnostics if it is Free. If not free then exit.

As a last resort, use the HP System Recovery to install the original software and OS as it came from the factory when you first purchased the laptop.

If the issues continues after doing a HP System Recovery is good indication your laptop has defective hardware in it.


I have the latest bios installed from hp website from 2017.

Also, I tried installing the catalyst driver for my IGPU and.. blue screen..same thing with HP's drivers

Journeyman III

I had the same issue and was testing with older drivers found some of the latest 18 Versions to work fine.
You can try this as well.
Let me know if it works for you as well.