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Adept I

AMD Graphics Error 182

Cant seem to get the R270 x to install....

Just upgraded from a LGA 1155 to AM4, couldnt get win 7 to work as it requires a lot (usb 3 uefi)

So i upgraded to Win 10 but cant seem to get the 270x to install.....














The Drivers I have tried are both of these








Strange thing is that if i install a Nvidia Titan X Maxwell with these drivers.....

The new AM4 works played games....But because i only have a bronze PSU with non-japanese capacitors

im upgrading to a Gold PSU in a couple of months, so just wish to use the r270x till then


ver 4.jpg





Could it be that the AMD drivers are not installing because of these problems in Device Manager













As i didnt have any problems with Nvidia, or is it that the r270x doest work, or is not supported by AM4

because it too old, which in that case i can get rid of it sooner


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