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Journeyman III

AMD GPU and Powercolor

I'm done with all this half baked BS GPU and support.  My Powercolor 5700XT quit on me, went black screen and never came back.  Whenever I tried to load drivers (fresh install) the moment the card tried to enable anything 3D, black screen.  Tested it in 3 different systems, all running AMD cards previously (RX580 and XFX 5700XT), same results.  Black screen when drivers are loaded.

Sent the card back for RMA, Powercolor just took my card out of the box I sent it in, put it in one of their boxes, and sent it back to me.  No fix, no change, nothing.  And, of course, the same issue still exists.

I'm soooo done.  All these GPU bugs, blackscreens, crash to desktop, Green Screen crashes, reboots, all these crappy GPU drivers and then it seems AMD partners are just crappin on everyone just the same.  I used to run Nvidia, thought I would give AMD GPUs a try, I can't believe how crappy, buggy, broken the whole AMD GPU ecosystem is.

Done with AMD GPUs, absolutely done.

I bought 2 580s, 2 5700XTs, and that's the last of AMD GPU for me.

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