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Adept II

AMD FSR Where is it?

So it's the 22nd. I got the new 21.6.1 driver that enables FSR. But I don't see anywhere in the "supported games" to enable it.

Am I missing something?

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Journeyman III

Just installed the newest driver (21.6.1) and i have the same question. Tried Anno 1800 which is supposed to support FSR on day one and i can't find any new option about FSR in it or in AMD Radeon Software...

Maybe we need to wait for the games to also update since FSR is supposed to be implemented by developers themselves and not AMD?

I figured it would have to be enabled on the game side. I just figured this would be treated like a GPU launch. but there is nothing out yet.


Also cannot find it in the driver, apparently the respective games have to release updates to support it in-game.

I am still waiting for Terminator Resistance to get an update, since it is the only one of them I own.

Kind regards


Terminator resistance update is up.

So far it seems quite impressive if not very impressive so far, was just quickly testing it, but gave nearly a 20FPS boost @1080p on my RX 480, screenshots to follow (unfortunately I had to convert it to JPEG since this website doesn't allow my PNG):

High temps was due to testing it @4K just before, got around 55FPS with Performance on 4K

FSR Off:


FSR Ultra:


Well done AMD and thank you so much for this! Unfortunately this is one of the few DX11 games that performs/utilizes well on AMD Hardware. This game seems to have either merged FideletyFX CAS with FSR or have removed it since it was there just before the patch. I tested this without Radeon Image Sharpening as per AMD's recommendations.

I wish we could inject a profile with a script to any DX11/DX12/Vulkan game out there thus far, since I think a lot of games such as theHunter Call of the Wild, RAGE 2, Crysis 3, Hunt The Showdown, etc. would greatly benefit from this. To be specific, any GPU intensive title would majorly benefit from this since it just puts you above the VSync threshold if you were below it.

Kind regards