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Adept I

AMD FreeSync Not Supported and Color Depth limited to 8bpc

Hi, I'm having issues with my 6400 card, I'm using it for my HTPC, which is connected to a Samsung Smart TV, in the Samsung TV I have enabled Input Signal Plus, so HDR in enabled and working but as the Subject says, I can't enable FreeSync and Color Depth is limited to 8bpc, I tried with HDMI to HDMI to my receiver (DENON AVR-S760H) and Display Port to HDMI with no luck, I also tried directly to my Smart TV HDMI ports.


- AMD Adrenalin: 23.2.1
- Windows 11 22H2 22621.1265
- Core i3 12100F
- ASUS H610M-A D4 BIOS 2212
- Samsung Smart TV QN50Q60AAPXPA




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Journeyman III

I'm sorry that you're having issues with AMD FreeSync and color depth being limited to 8bpc. It sounds like you may be having a graphics card issue. I have same problem when I play online slots here online pokies real money but I have same AMD. What about your graphics I have problems. I would suggest checking your graphics card's specs to ensure that it is compatible with FreeSync and supports a higher color depth.

Additionally, you may want to check your graphics card drivers to ensure they are up to date. If you are still having issues, you may want to try reinstalling the drivers or even replacing the graphics card. If you still have issues after trying these steps, you may want to contact AMD support for further assistance.


Thanks, yes, I tried uninstalling (AMD cleanup app) then installing the newest driver and I still have issues, the card is the 6400, as far as I know (because the driver says so) it has VRR and 10/12 bits.


I tried with a GeForce 1050 ti and I was able to get 10 bits, I can't get VRR with that card because Nvidia 10XX doesn't support VRR.