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Graphics Cards

Adept I

AMD Drivers not loading . !!!!!!

OK come from intel 15 years to a AMD New build ... Wow What can i say But .!!!

Ryzen 3600

MSi X470 gaming MAX

DDR4 3200 1600mhz

Vega 64 

Latest Bios 

Can not get the Graphic card drivers to install or load if installed not working .

Constant BSOD driver power some thing . 

Two weeks this has been going on for . im at my witts end with it all . 

IF i dont get this up and running by the weekend all parts are going back to the shops . 

This is 2020 and this driver issue should not be happening . 

What am i doing wrong why wont the drivers load and stay loaded 

Buzzing noise 

crashes . 

Temps good . 34c -70c under load . 

Help . !!!!!!

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