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Amd 6900xt stuttering all games. Fix?

Followed a video posted by fre33thy on youtube about locking the gpu clock. Gave it a try using moreclocktool. Game feels so smooth. Even warzone on caldera was stutter free and before it was unplayable. 

Locked the gpu clock 100 mhz above base clock in moreclocktool because doing it in radeonsoftware didnt work. Now the gpu actually boosts to the frequency set. 

Most games had this problem where if they werent graphically heavy, the gpu never boosted all the way and sometimes just sat at base clock.





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Use a different version of adrenaline. See if that fixes. If not maybe you have it cranked up to high(overclocked etc). See if those quick fixes help


System specs? Including make/model of your power supply

What motherboard are you running and is your BIOS up to date?

Did you run DDU (display driver uninstaller) and remove all past AMD/Nvidia GPU drivers .. reboot .. and THEN install latest drivers from AMD's website?

Are you running the latest chipset drivers from either AMD or Intel's websites?

Are you running separate power cables to each power input on your 6900xt? 

Is your Windows install up to date?

Have you looked at your system Event Viewer for logged errors and see if it's pointing to some hardware/software issues on your setup .. ?

How full are your system drives?


ThreeDee PC specs

What OP is suggesting is the new addition to MPT/RDE software (well known to OCers).


The software is legit, i know of one amd rep (in regards to personal use) who uses the other mpt/rde and offers suggestions on a couple of OC forums (unofficially to amd). Fairly sure he will be/has been testing this.


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