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Adept I

AMD 5700xt Audio issues

So i have seen various threads, but so far not able to find any that have resolution or workaround.  So i am plagued with Audio stutter \ drop out, i am on a clean install of Windows 10 (1903) and new build with 3950x and 5700xt.

1 hdmi to tv, 1 hdmi to avr, tried several different cables

  • I have done several DDU and various older version of gpu software,still same issues
  • as well as the option to not install the audio driver and use Realtek or Microsoft or even older AMD audio driver, still the same issues
  • have tried to underclock or undervolt, still the same issue
  • I changed pci in bios from Auto to 3 , or 2, or 1, still same issue
  • I tried the 5700xt in an older win7 pc, and don't get the issues.

at this point unsure the issues root cause, but he only purpose of the PC, is for HTPC to play movies, which i am not able to do at this point with out audio stutter or drop out.

nothing overclocked, just default, not vc riser.

Windows 10 (1903)

AMD 3950x

Aorus 5700xt

ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero

Gskill trident Z neo 3200

need the right AMD fix, but open to any workaround.

**Have a temp workaround now, i added an older card (R290), just to out put hdmi to the avr, and no issues.  glad to be able to watch, but really don't like having to use this card in the system, just need to get the driver fixed for the 5700xt, or is it a true hardware issue on the 5700xt?

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Adept I

I'm on the same boat. Been tracking this issue for months and still not resolved. How can something as simple as HDMI audio passtrough be so difficult? At this point i'm afraid it probably is a hardware/architecture issue... With more and more people copnnecting their rigs to TV's this is only gonna get worse.


It is sad that there is no fix, i am still using the old card (R290) just for the Audio, but i also have not tried and new drivers, just keeping what works for the home theater until i can verify something is working.

Adept I

Hi to fix the issue use this tool to run audio in MSI mode with high priority - use version 3 of the tool.

Once it's done reboot.

Windows: Line-Based vs. Message Signaled-Based Interrupts. MSI tool. | guru3D Forums