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Journeyman III

AMD 270X R9 Fan Spazzing Out

Hey all,

Just put together a brand new computer (Only re-used my AMD R9 270X graphics card) and everything is working great except for one small issue.

When I'm on the computer and I'm not touching anything, its dead quite, however, as soon as I open a web page or scroll up or down, the GFX card fans starts going super loud until I stop doing what I'm doing. For instance, when I'm on my desktop and decide to open a program, the fan will get super loud for a few seconds while the app opens and then when its done loading it'll quite down.

One issue that is REALLY annoying is when I load Fornite the fan runs what sounds to be full speed and WILL NOT stop until I exit out of the game - this can be super annoying because I can't have the game running in the background while I'm doing something else because the fan is so loud and obnoxious to hear running constantly and just in general. It only does this for Fornite,  if I'm loading Counterstrike or any other game it usually will act normal.

I downloaded the newest drivers and software for this and also reseated the GFX card - I'm out of options on what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Start with disabling hardware acceleration in browsers/windows settings, disable all start up(non windows) apps, windows game/monitoring settings, uninstall cheat/aimbot engines.

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Have you tried configuring your Fan speed by using AMD Wattman?

Journeyman III

Sorry for not posting the correct details as I was supposed to; here is some detailed information about my rig:

    • AMD R9 270X Graphics Card
    • Desktop
    • Windows 10 64bit
    • Driver version installed is the latest version 18.8.2
    • I'm using a 27" Samsung monitor, not sure of the refresh rates or exact model
    • Motherboard is an ASUS STRIX 370F Gaming motherboard with an i7-8700k processor
    • Powersupply is a Corsair 870W
    • RAM is 16GB Corsair Vengeance low profile RAM
  • I have NOT tried to configure my fan speed using AMD Wattman because I'm unfamiliar with how it works.
Adept II

Sounds like it could be an overheating problem.

Have you checked the temperatures in the AMD Radeon application?

I had a similar problem with the exact same card, problem solved when I cleaned the fans, heatsinks and replaced the thermal paste with arctic ceramic thermal paste.

You can also turn off auto fan control in settings and adjust the speed to your liking. The issue could also be the auto fan control is spazzing out

amd settings.png


I would say it was overheating but for instance right now the computer is acting 100% normal; but as soon as I open Fortnite and I get into the lobby the fan starts blasting as if it sounds like it's at 100 percent or near it. Sometimes if I'm scrolling on a forum or downloading content it'll get loud for 2 seconds max and then go back down to slower speeds.I didn't want to set the fans manually in the event they happen to NEED the faster fan speed to cool it down I didn't want to be the reason why it isn't able to.  Don't mind the huge fan spike in the picture posted below, I was just messing around with it at 100 percent.pic1.png


It's normal for the fans to automatically ramp up when the card has load, however it should not be 100% fan speeds each time.

My best suggestion would be to service the card by replacing the thermal paste.

My issue was exactly the same, the temps were low when I was doing nothing, then as soon as I opened a game it would hit 90 degrees and 100% fan speeds.

When I disassembled my card, the thermal paste was extremely dry and wasn't covering the GPU die very well.


How hard is that to do? Pretty easy for a beginner? Never done anything like that before except for applying it to my CPU hah.


If you have applied thermal paste to a CPU, then you should be find to do it to your GPU.

There are four screws holding in the heatsink and there may be another additional 2 screws holding in the PCB (mine was the Gigabyte model which had 6 screws)

You can now separate the heatsink and PCB which gives you access to clean up the old thermal paste and re-apply.

If you are a little bit unsure, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there demonstrating the process.



So this is what happens when I'm waiting in the lobby (all the levels rise and stay this way).


Does the fan speed ever hit 100% and what is the maximum temperature after at least 5 mins of gaming?


Not that I know of but it stays at 67 degrees usually and 65-70% fan and its just crazy loud - I NEVER had this problem with it in my old computer so it's just a new thing it's acquired.


67 degrees is fine, I wouldn't bother about changing the thermal paste then.

65-70 percent fan speed seems okay as well, however it should not sound that loud to the point where it is bothering you.

Maybe you need to replace the fans? The bearings could be no good which can produce unnecessary sound.


I think it just bothers me the most because any other game I play it doesn't do this but as soon as I launch FN it gets loud. It's an old card I've literally had for years now so I'm sure things are starting to go on it.


It could possible be an issue with Fortnite and the R9 270x if it only triggers in that game.

I don't have fortnite installed on my PC so I cannot test if my R9 270x will do the same thing.