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Journeyman III

After switching from GTX 1060 to RX6900XT high CPU temperature

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU1: GTX 1060 45-65 C
GPU2: RX6900XT 50-85
CPU Temp WHEN GPU1: 40-55
CPU Temp WHEN GPU2: 65-75

What is the reason ? Why i have so high temperature on CPU: 20 C more. 
Even in BIOS temperature still is 65 when nothing is happening.

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Bear in mind that if you are using a air cooler. the warm air that rises from your GPU will heat soak the fins on your CPU cooler. I noticed this on my rig and it actually makes sense, with the AIO Water Cooler, changing GPU didn't affected much. But and of course, things are not always linear, equal or simple for everyone.

Its like moving the AIO radiator from the TOP to the FRONT, in the front less CPU temps and a bit Higher GPU temps, on the TOP lower GPU temps and a bit higher CPU temps.

I will also assume that the 6900XT is much bigger than your previous graphics card, thus altering the airflow on your case.

Perhaps you want to give us more details about your case, fans and cooler. Do you use Zero dB a lot on the new card? What brand is the GPU?

Good Luck

The Englishman


Thank you very much for response ! 

GTX 1060 is GTX 1060 Palit 6GB
Cooling for processor 3600 is basic. it was very efficient so I didn't change
Case is: SilentiumPC Armis AR6
Power Supply is : CORSAIR RM750X
Today I gave the card to my friend to check it on another test machine. I will give you a sign about result.


And there you have it

A stock air cooler being heat soaked by the massive 6900XT. I'll recommend getting a better air cooler or a AIO. I believe that the 3600 does not even include the Wraith MAX which is actually very capable, but instead the Wraith Stealth or Spire, hence high temps.

If you want big air coolers like the Noctua or Bequiet ones..
Beware! Big air cooler towers may not fit in your case, check it carefully before buying and the RAM clearance too!

Good Luck

The Englishman

Yes reply back after your friend tries it.

I see that you wrote your CPU temp is much higher at idle.  The AMD driver could be doing something in the background.  I can suggest you check your Adrenalin control panel and turn off any special features/streaming/recording. Also turn off the "AMD Chill" feature and things like that.  The features will use CPU in the background, turn off metric overlay and hotkeys.  Turn off Toast notifications and advertisements, all that crap is useless.


And make sure your PC isn't doing any kind of virus scan or update.

I also run a Ryzen 3600 with a Cooler Master hyper 212 in a push-pull setup.  My temps are very much lower than yours, but my ambient room temp is also 20C or below.  What is your ambient room temp?


My system is housed in a CM HAF 932 with arguably the best air flow in the biz and I've noticed that I see a 40°F difference between the CPU and radiator exhaust temps while under load.

Adept III


Those Temperatures aren't bad at all, it's very normal, its very possible that the GPU was being bottle necked (1060) so the CPU was not being pushed, where as now you have gone the other way, you are limited by your CPU.


IMO you have a couple of options:

1) Upgrade your CPU and see temp drops (slightly) but better performance.

2) Upgrade your cooler to aio and see temp drops

3) undervolt your CPU or use PBO if possible, PBO is a very good tool which will boost your CPU clock and lower temp, Less voltage = Less heat = More stable clock speeds

Oh and also look at your case Temperatures, if your Stock cooler is pulling in hot air thats no good, add more air flow, remember the cooler the processor the better it will perform

I think this is the most likely scenario.

The 6900xt will be pushing a 3600 to its limits.

I'd recommend considering a Noctua nh-u12a, nh-d15 (I'm pretty partial) or a Deepcool AK620 (these things are no joke, and pretty cheap considering)

A great air cooler is definitely the way to go imo, so long as it fits in your case. Noctua has the benefit of a very good reputation for extreme forward compatibility, they've been shipping out compatibility kits for new gen hardware for a very long time, for free. So going high end with them is definitely worth it imo

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