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Adrenallin issues (force restart)

Hi guys, if this not the place to post this pls be my guest to delete or move to another section.

So... I know the past years the sw adrenallin had some trouble about freezing the screen and the only thing you can do its a restart with the button.

I didnt have any troubles but recently i change to win 10 20h2 and the first problem pop up. 

radeon software and driver version do not match  -> I fixed this changing the editor register and all good.

Controller Version Picture <--

But I recently installed adrenallin version 21.3.1 and sometimes when i play League of legends or i' am watching a movie and forward it it freezes and cant do nothing but restart with a button.

What can i do for fix this problem? 

Is actual Adrenallin causing any error or its me?

My notebook is: ASUS-TUF-Gaming-FX505DY 

Windows version <--

AMD Folder <--


Thank you a lot in advance and sorry for my english.-


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