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Adept I

A8 9600 blinking monitor hi I'm having a problem with my A8 9600 diskless set up cafe

A8 9600 blinking monitor hi I'm having a problem with my A8 9600 diskless set up cafe because all of my monitor are blinking 2-5x per game or per hour I already ask my supplier about the problem and they told me that they got the same problem when it comes to diskless set up and doesn't know yet how to solve that problem pls help me
my set up is
Motherboard AM4 MSI A320M PRO-VH Plus DDR4
Processor AM4 AMD A8-9600 7th Gen 3.1GHz Quad Core

Memory Desktop Eudar 4GB DDR4 2400MHz

Power Supply Neutron Electron 700W

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Adept I



I have never heard of Diskless Setup Cafe.  From what I gathered this is similar to a Server type software for Servers.

Try posting your question at this AMD Forum which specializes in Server issues: AMD Server Gurus . They may direct you on how to resolve your issue.  (jesse_amd or Deepak ​)

thanks dude... sorry I'm just new on this forum didn't know i posted it on the wrong thread.


I don't know if you posted it in the right Forum or not, But like I mentioned in my previous comment, After researching the Diskless Setup Cafe I noticed that it seemed to be a Server type environment. Which is why I suggested the Forum to post your question. They may be able to assist you or at least guide you on where to get your issue fixed.

You can always open a AMD EMAIL SUPPORT ticket and they will answer you as best of possible or guide you also on where to find a fix. You can open one from this link: Email Form .

Good luck.

NOTE: You may need to be Whitelisted to have access to these particular Forums which is why I notified the Moderators about your post.