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Journeyman III

A bug report OpenGL, Photoshop, Graphic Card uses full capacity due to infinite loop

I was developing a game in python kivy which uses Opengl. As i was editing an image on photoshop to try on my game, i clicked on save the image, there was  anohter image with the same name so photoshop asked me if i wanna replace it with the one that i am saving before realising the warning of photoshop i started my game and as my game was rendering i clicked yes to the photoshop warning and it replaced the image file during rendering and image appeared to be white dots and broken so i closed everything because Amd adrenaline was showing %100 capacity of my Readon RX 590 was actually being used by something even tough everything was closed. after reboot everything was fine. i tought maybe that could be usefull for you guys im not sure if thats a Opengl problem but i belive if it was graphic card usage % should be lowered after i close opengl.


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