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Journeyman III

9600 xt junction normal temperature?

Hello everyone, I need help.

I'm using 6900xt nitro and it was a bit noisy(probably is normal?)for a while, but after new content in the game my pc just switches off when a job ability is used or a special action.

So I did a stress test and my  junction temperature was kicking over 110c (like 116c) and it was shutting down my PC. I have warranty on it, brought it to the store I purchased it from and the support team said they fixed it after was month of waiting. Now my card  on stress test junction temperature stays at 110C, not crashing, but is noisy. Support team says is normal.  Question: Is that normal or the card is faulty?

I have another on 9600 xt radeon running on same pc with junction temperature no more then 95c on stress test.



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Adept I

I have the same issue on my RX5700XT with junction temps hitting 115 degrees c when playing Forza Horizon, made the PC shut down. The only fix is to lower your graphics settings and manually set an aggressive fan curve or dismantle the card and redo the thermal paste as (at least on my card) it was a well known fact that the heat transfer paste and/or pads were shoddilly applied. I am guessing yours is still under warranty so the first option is best for you or return it. 

Adept I

Apparently 110 is normal but tbh i feel that it must have an effect on card life.

@aarchiee  Yes, I'd say if the hotspot temperature (which is an algorithm looking at various sensors and reporting that value) is always around 110 or even worse higher, you should either set a more aggressive fan curve which will make the card noisier, or replace the thermal pads and paste, or RMA the card before you are not able to due to it's time running out. The cards can handle a little of close to 110, but the more it's there the more it will cause heat damage. The best bet would be it never goes above 105 and is usually in the 90s or so.


OP should fix their typos, there was a 9600XT produced in 2003.

And are there two graphics cards installed (not swapping out one for an other), that will increase heat on the top card. 



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Adept II

just undervolt it a little bit but 110 is fine on the junction. also set the fan curve to ramp up earlier ... i have the asus 6900xt tuf and it never goes above 70c ,what card do you have ? the only problem i had with this card was micro stutter in cod:wz and fortnite mostly taken care of now but still not to happy about that


@bassmek2  To be fair you would need to say that the card does start to thermal throttle at 110 junction temperature, and if you are getting 70 on the GPU that is OK, but I'd still want to be around 104-108 to leave a few degrees so it doesn't throttle, even then I'd rather the junction to be not over 102 or so, running cards hotter does reduce the life.

I am not sure running a card to the point that it starts to thermal throttle really is a good thing to do, sometimes when you overclock it actually reduces the performance.