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Adept I

7900XTX Throttles to 2GHz and lower

I just got my 7900XTX and tested it with 3D Mark and my card gets really hot and seems to throttle to 2GHz and somtimes even Lower and i dont know if  I should return my card or if i can do something else to fix this. My junction Temperature is always 110C and my GPU Temp is at 80 to 82 Degrees all the time.

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Adept II

i guess it's reference model. it should be a faulty fan mounting, you should rma it. 

my 7900xtx never gets hotter than 55 degree under load. 

Adept II

What case do you have, I've seen like 2 or 3 posts in the last couple of days with the same issues and the culprit was the case, the card apparently doesn't like to be mounted vertically.

I myself had a case that was too small after switching my temps went down by 25C on the 7900 XT. 


I use a fractal design define r 5 with 2 fans in the front 1 in the back and a radator for my cpu in the top with 2 fans. The fan in the back and the two of the radiator are sucking air out of the case and the two fans in the front are pulling air in


I Forgot to mention that my card ist mountetd normally