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Journeyman III

7900xtx startup display problem ubuntu 22.04

I bought Sapphire Nitro 7900xtx and when I tried using the GPU output for primary display option for Ubuntu 22.04 is getting "amdgpu: failed to add dm ip block(DCE_HWIP:0x30200) amdgpu: fatal error during GPU init".

I tried:

1. sudo amdgpu-install :- gives an error while processing amdgpu-dkms, error code (1)

2. sudo admgpu-install --usecase=graphics, --opencl=rocr --vulkan=amdvlk -y :- gives the same error as above

also tried updating and booting the kernel in unsecure mode and many other options possible but end up destroying the bootloader.


Please help me solve the issue.

I want the HDMI connector from 7900xtx as a display for Ubuntu 22.04 and must be from the startup like windows. @amd 

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