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Journeyman III

7900xtx MBA 62c + 110c Jtemp + no way to contact AMD support

Hi team,

I have read other posts from Matt about "Contacting AMD support", there is no email address and the phone number for New Zealand is no longer active / disconnected. So effectively no way to contact AMD after spending $2000 local dollars on a gpu. ($1250usd equiv)

I also have issues with my 7900xtx MBA card, I play games on 4k and the card goes to 2890rpm (very loud).
Some games are 2300clocks with 62c temp 110c JT with max RPM.
other games are 2500 clocks with 68temp 88c JT with max RPM.
I tried horizontal and vertical (tipped case over).
Ambient temp 18c with side panels off.

Even playing age of empires 4 I was getting steady 130fps in most games and then randomly 88fps in other games.

I also put on 2500 max clock, -75mv and -10% power target and still getting 100% fan speeds.

I suspect it to be a vapor chamber manufacturing/design flaw.
I returned the card to the retailer for "Testing" but if they deem it normal then I'm out of luck unless AMD issues a statement.

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orient your GPU so that it's perpendicular to the ground, even if it means putting your case on its side in the short term.

AMD Support appears to be on vacation until the 7th, when that happens you're going to have to request an RMA and go through that process.

Appears to be a vapor chamber issue for most.

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Hi Justifier,

I did try that as a temporary fix with power targets -10% and under volting today but no dice, I might have a bad case of it. I requested an RMA from my local retailer but I think they may validate the problem prior to sending it out for RMA, which may result in "this is normal for this product" type of result which will end in it not being sent in for RMA, and also there is no way for me to contact AMD directly from New Zealand as email tickets offline and phone number is disconnect/no longer valid.


Yeah I had the same experience as far as not being able to fix it with software

You have to physically tilt your pc so that the GPU is perpendicular to the ground

it's not normal for the product, your card will 100% be covered under RMA when you file for it, just make sure that you have the data to back up your claims and it'll be smooth sailing

With your system as it is when it hits 110c, do the following in this order:


- Install and run AMD cleanup utility to remove the existing driver from your system and install AMD GPU driver version 22.12.2 in your system.

- Make sure your bios, chipset, GPU(reinstalled), etc drivers are all updated

- Get a bug report file from Adrenaline after you experience the Junction Temp issues, put the bug report file on a USB Thumbdrive

- Get a screenshot of the JT being 110c from Adrenaline, preferably showing the graph showing it ramp up to 110c from launching a game

-Get a picture of the GPU orientation and position in the PC so they can know it's not an airflow issue, showing that the GPU is being powered by 2x 8-pin lines each going directly to the PSU (not daisy chained), put them on the same Thumbdrive as the USB stick

With all of that you will have everything needed ( or at least everything that was requested of me when I requested my RMA ) to prove your GPU is among those that are faulty

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If the card was not bought direct from AMD shop site, you contact the retailer.

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^This! If the card hasn't been bought directly from AMD's own shop, there is no real point contacting AMD. Since you bought it from a local retailer, it must've a card distributed by a board partner like Sapphire, XFX, Power Coler, Asrock or Gigabyte. In this case, you either do the RMA directly via your retailer or contact the company which distributed the card, again in example Sapphire or XFX.

Even though these cards are reference cards or MBA (Made By AMD), they are under warranty and service terms of the company which distributes them. Contacting AMD directly as of now really only counts for cards which are AMD branded and which are only sold directly from AMD.

Journeyman III

Theres a problem with refernce cooler it was exposed on utube. Be a push for world wide recall . should hopefully be able to rma or return to store for refund .


It is not a general issue though, not all card are affected. Some, like mine, are working just fine. If somebody's card is affected with the overheating and throttling, they should RMA either via the company which distributed their cards or the retailer who sold it, as the majority of companies are handling their RMA process in the end via the retailer anyways.